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Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center - Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center


Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center is an excellent choice for children who need routine and acute dental care. The practice is owned by Robert D. Camps, DDS, an experienced practitioner who has watched as pediatric dentistry has evolved from its initial focus on treating children with special needs to its current treatment focus on the general pediatric population.

Dr, Camps' practice has the high patient volume and large staff needed to accommodate the needs of special needs patients without putting a painful dent in a practice owner's profitability. This is an important consideration because "time is money." Often, sole practitioners do not have the staffing, facilities, or schedule flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of the time-intensive special needs patient. Most importantly, they may not see these patients with the frequency required to truly be at ease with them and make the children feel comfortable as well.

Dr. Camps has several practitioners on staff who routinely perform dental surgery at Shady Grove Hospital in Rockville, MD. This means that his practice is a great choice when parents are trying to find a dentist who can perform surgical procedures on short notice to provide crucial pain relief to their children. (In contrast, Childrens' National Medical Center often has a months-long waiting list for dental surgeries, and acute pain does not constitute the type of "emergency" that would move a hurting child's case to the top of the list.)

When making an appointment, parents must be sure to mention that their child has special needs, and describe what these needs are. If a child needs to be examined and treated in a private room, the staff can accomodate this request. There are several practitioners who are very experienced in working with children with special needs. These include Senior Associate Jena Fields, DDS, MS, and Melanie Acosta, DMD. Dr. Fields performs surgery more frequently than the other doctors on staff. Dr. Acosta has extensive personal experience with special needs patients, and has a very effective "bedside manner" which enables her to successfully complete routine cleanings and other office procedures who have high anxiety, developmental challenges, or other special needs.

All of the practitioners are highly qualified and well supervised by Dr. Camps. However, because there can be frequent turnover among the dentists on staff, I recommend the Fields and Acosta team for surgery and routine office visits, given these practitioners' longevity with the practice. Dr. Camps, is however, available to become directly involved in any patient care at a parent's request, and he closely supervises the practice to maintain high quality standards. His accessibility and the overall quality of the doctors, clinical, and front-office staff are the basis for my four-star rating.

All children with special needs need to have an ongoing relationship with a dental practice which can accommodate both office and hospital-based procedures. Dr. Camps Pediatric Dental Center is a great choice for a practice which will work collaboratively with parents to meet the special needs of their children.

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Disclosure: R.E. Smith is a satisfied customer of Dr. Camps' practice.

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