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Dove Men+Care

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Dove Men+Care


There’s nothing quite as annoying as the gimmicks presented in the name of hygiene. Spray this on yourself and you can punch through walls! Use this body wash and you’ll be a man! Or my absolute favorite (I really wish there was a sarcasm font): use our products and women will publicly degrade themselves and throw out their morals to smell you! Yeah…smell you (not necessarily sleep with you)! And what do these gimmicks really deliver? Unacceptably strong scented goo that you lather on yourself daily, thus traipsing about town reeking to high heaven? Does it really get you clean or does it just cover you with headache inducing perfumes that “women find irresistible”?

Luckily, Dove has invented a solution. Yeah, I said Dove. Deal with it. Dove has created the Dove Men+Care line, and frankly, it’s amazing. They’ve mastered the art of making men smell nice without burning out nostril hairs or causing the user to impulsively gel their hair back and pop their collars.

My brother was looking for something that was for men, smelled nice, but wasn’t overpowering. He swears by the Dove Men+Care line, because he “smells clean, but doesn’t smell like a cologne counter.” On top of that, he says that the products are gentle on his skin. His old regimen left him with dry, irritated skin. Dove Men+Care does just the trick; leaving him soft, but manly.

My roommate also gave Dove Men+Care a go. My brother refers to my roommate as “the most badass metro man I know.” What did he think of the line? The deodorant “works really well. After a long day of marching around the city and sweating, I don’t smell ripe at all.” He swears it works much better than any other aluminum free deodorant he’s tried. The body wash was a little too aeromatic for his taste, but we are talking about a man that prefers organic based simple ingredient soaps with zero frills.

The bottom line of Dove Men+Care is that they want you to be a man. A real man. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in, and take pride. Know that you are the master of your domain. Own it. That’s why they teamed up with the big guns in the NBA to bring you The Journey. Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Izzo, and Steve Nash share their stories of their journeys, and what they think defines being a man. And while March Madness is technically over, who could resist having the Big Diesel himself leave your boss an excuse about why you can’t come to work?

Do yourself a favor and check out the Dove Men+Care line. You’ll be glad you did. Maybe you’ll even hook yourself a lady-friend that’s just as comfortable in her own skin as you are. And isn’t that someone you’d want to bring home to Mom, instead of some floozy that loves the smell of Axe and thinks that Jersey Shore is great television?

Check out Dove Men+Care Journey to Comfort videos here. Download the ridiculously awesome app here. Get your custom Big Diesel voicemail message here. Still not satisfied? Are you not entertained?! Well, then click here.