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DOPE vol. 4 Drops for the Summer

DOPE, vol. 4
DOPE, vol. 4DOPE's art director

DOPE vol. 4


With summer's endless sunshine becoming the focal point of every life, from the desert of the Los Angeles area to the muggy and close humid Midwestern landscapes, now more than ever it is important to procure the ultimate collection of music for all adventures that await in warmer weather.

DOPE, a local Los Angeles clothing company and taste-making institution, has the answer for every person looking to enhance their summertime. With exceptional electronic dance and chill music arranged to the point of near perfection, DOPE vol. 4 will start your summer off right.

DOPE's resident DJ kidb has combined a vast collection of contemporary electronic music with enchanting results, beginning with "Wouldn't it be Wild" by Sunny Levine ft. Orelia, and moving through a fairly chill series of tracks, including "Cocaine Model" by Zhu and "White Tiger (FlicFlac Remix)" by Izzy Bizu. kidb creates a soundscape that is not only lush, but also ambient in a way that makes it perfect for a drive down to the beach or even just to the corner store. DOPE vol. 4 is also strong in that kidb brings in more active, dancey beats further into the mix, including a remix of Daughter's cover of Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams' song "Get Lucky." The versatility of this mix is what makes it an essential member of everyone's music library this summer, as kidb takes the listener from a place with steady, chill vibes, to the dance floor, and back to summertime cruising tunes with the skill and precision of a surgeon. While his career as a producer is still young, it is this reviewer's belief that we will only see great things coming from him in the future and we have a lot to anticipate.

Other tracks on the mix of note include "Hold On (Matthias Meyer Edit" by SBTRKT ft. Sampha, "January" by Disclosure ft. Jamie Woon, and "Kaleidoscope Love (Kaytranada Edition)" by Alunageorge.

To acquire this exceptional mix, listeners can download it here. DJ kidb can be found on Twitter and those interested in picking up some DOPE clothing should visit the company website and can reach out to them on Twitter as well.