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Don't Sleep On "Money Baby" Rapper Kwony Cash: Atlanta's Rising Artist

The Vine Magazine Exclusive Interview With Kwony Cash
The Vine Magazine Exclusive Interview With Kwony Cash
The Vine Magazine

Don't Sleep Mixtape


From Outkast to Rich Homie Quan, Atlanta has produced some of the hottest rappers in the industry. Just recently Money Baby rapper, K. Camp, signed a record deal with Interscope Records. While he is on the rise to mainstream fame, Atlanta rapper Kwony Cash is not far behind him. Kwony dropped a dope verse on Money Baby which became a mega hit last year! All of Atlanta's hottest clubs and radio stations played their record constantly. His latest mixtape, Don't Sleep, is moving through the city with hits like Do It For Me, Move, Locked In, and our personal favorite Good Man. He's definitely creating a buzz for himself and The Vine was able to get an exclusive interview with the Atlanta rapper to get his thoughts on his rise to fame.

How did you get so much attention on the track Money Baby? What did you and K. Camp do differently with this track to get it circulating?

Twitter really got it moving! Just tweeting little lines off the record made people gravitate. But just us working really gave it legs.

On your mixtape, Don't Sleep, you produced every song. Is that your first love or is rapping? How did you get involved in both?

I've been producing records since I was 14! Me being in the orchestra in the 2nd grade made me want to know more about it! So I jumped in head first and by the grace of God I'm here!

Do you see yourself producing albums for other artist or do you like to be behind the mic?

I would love of my many dreams is to do something big with a big artist.

You got a lot of "feel good" music on your mixtape, but on the intro to Don't Sleep you spit some real sh**! You tell your life story. What are some of your inspirations for your music? What do you do before you lay down a track?

My biggest inspiration is me not knowing! Me waking up everyday and seeing all these things happen! It lets me know I'm here for a real reason! So I use that as motivation to go harder! Before I record, I like to hear Stevie Wonder Ribbon in the Sky then I listen to a legend speak, pray, and BOOM beat made song laid down!

Tell me a little about yourself.

I'm from Rochester New York, but was raised on the West Side of Atlanta. I went to Therrell High School! I'm 24 years old and I have 2 boys LaQuan and Karter! My gone have to wait to hear what else I got to say! It's deeper than rap!

How do your friends feel about your rise to fame? Boosie and Webbie initially didn't get love like you're getting love in Atlanta. It took them a minute, but the whole city has embraced your movement. Has anything changed?

Yes, I'll say a lot has changed, but in Atlanta I've had a slight buzz for about 3 1/2 years...and I don't got friends. I got brothers! But they act like I'm a nobody! But they'll be holding my bags soon! *smiles and laughs*

Any up and coming rappers, you'd like to collaborate with?

Yes, I want to work with who ever is working! I like to see people do good! So any way I can be apart of that...I'm all in!

You sing a little on your used to lead songs in church didn't you? I hear that ol' negro spiritual coming out in your track My Son. Ja Rule did it, T-Pain did it, Drake did Kwony. Do you think you're a good singer?

I've never been in a church choir, but I guess it's the emotional runs I do! But God has always been apart of my life. That's how I came up with my genre "Street Gospel". But I can hit a lil' note here and there and I can write my ass off!

You mention your brother in a few of your songs...he's incarcerated. How does he feel about your rap career?

That's my dog! We've been through it all together! That's my oldest and only BLOOD brother! And he's excited I be sending him lil' pics of what I'm doing. He's proud of me!

How did it feel to have a song featured on 106 & Park?

The first time I was blown away! But this time it felt weird! Like that's it! Ain't no lookin' back! It made me want to put everything in there!

What are your future plans with your rap career? Are you working on anything or with anyone?

I plan on signing with Rick Ross in my future! Praying he come and get me, but nah I just see bigger things! I'm currently working with DJ Scream on his new album! Shout out to WalkLikeUs and the whole HOODRICH community!

Are you on an independent record label?

Yes Grown Money Entertainment in Atlanta, GA.

When can we expect the first album?

Expect greatness at its greatest greatness! I'm going to put my ALL in it!

Check out the tracks from Kwony's mixtape Don't Sleep right here at LiveMixtapes and follow him on Instagram @kwony_cash

Story credit to TheVineMagazine

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