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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark review

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark


You really shouldn’t be afraid of the dark because the dark itself is nothing to fear. What you should be afraid of is the nasty little monsters that live in the dark.

The movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is done well almost the whole time. The special effects are seamless, the location is gorgeous, and the story flows surprisingly well considering recent horror movies. In fact, the writers were about to do the unthinkable - give a horror movie a happy ending - when they seemed to realize what their talents had led them to do. Upon this realization the only thing it appeared they could do was to have the characters do something heinously and unexplainably stupid to buy the monsters more time so someone could die. Because, really, what would a modern horror movie be if it had a happy ending and no one important died?

In this case, the movie would have been better off had it listened to reason instead of going off into the realms of the insane. You may ask what could have happened to warrant such emphasis on its stupidity. Watch the movie and find out for yourself. The first hour and fifteen minutes is enjoyable and even at times breath-catching in its excitement. So don’t be afraid of completely wasting your money. However, be prepared for a few odd steps throughout the entire movie (with a huge misstep at the end). If you watch it alone you may find yourself trying to assist the characters with a burst of, “Turn on the light! What are you doing? Turn on the freakin’ light!”

Another warning is not to listen to the movie’s description. Netflix’s blurb implies that it’s a movie about ghosts when it’s clear within the first ten minutes that it’s not. Here’s a hint: think of the tooth fairy. It’s a new take on the tooth fairy and it’s an interesting version.

A heart-pumping, good movie with real potential but perhaps ultimately disappointing for the supreme lack of intelligence displayed in various places.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars.