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Domenica's recipe for Plum Jam rocks!

Domenica Marchetti's recipe for Plum Jam


One of the great joys of growing your own fruits is tasting the delicious preserves on toast in winter long after the harvest is gone. The sweet and tangy taste of fruit from your own tree, carefully preserved and waiting to be eaten and shared with loved ones,

The sweet and tasty plum jam was simple to make.  Try this recipe to preserve plums this summer.
Mary Moore

Thanks to the rains and moderate temperature this year, my plum tree was filled with tangy fruit. Also thanks to the rain, the fruit needed to be quickly harvested and processed before mildew attacked the tree and ruined the last of the crop. I had to move quickly to preserve the fruit before it went bad.

Last year, I tried a number of plum recipes and did not enjoy them at all. The recipes were too complicated, sometimes had odd ingredients, and produced preserves that I would never have paid for in the store. Thankfully, this year I discovered Domenica Marchetti's site "Domenica Cooks". Domenica's recipe for Confettura di Prugne {Plum Jam} was uncomplicated and easy to produce. No strange ingredients were required, and the jam jelled exactly as it should have. The taste was both sweet and tangy, enhancing the taste of the plums instead of covering the plum flavor with sugar.

I'm saving one jar for winter, but this jam was so delicious, I'm sharing with friends and enjoying it now with family. This jam recipe definitely deserves 5 stars.

Just for fun, I've added a video to inspire you to grow your own fruits! Check out this video from America's Heartland.

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