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Doing Well at Being Sick, by Wendy Wallace

Discovery House Publishers
by Wendy Wallace

...sickness brings us opportunities. We can use the pain to learn what is important in life…and what will bring glory to God.”


Chronic Illness support groups—Seattle:

Doing Well at Being Sick, by Wendy Wallace, Discovery House Publishers, 2010, ISBN-13: 978-1572933873, #10.99

What do you do when your body betrays you and no longer works as it once did? Wendy Wallace faced and continues to face that challenge. In Doing Well at Being Sick she teaches others how to overcome and rise above experiences of acute or chronic illness.

After enduring several heart attacks, lung, skin and bladder cancers, lupus and many other illnesses, the author struggled with serious health issues multiple times for over twenty years. This book draws on those experiences. Wendy shares with readers lessons she learned along the way such as how to live a joy-filled life in spite of pain and disabling chronic illness.

Readers learn where to find strength to continue when you feel weak and want to give up. How to overcome guilt when you can no longer do for yourself but have to rely on others, cope with thinking you’re a burden. How can you trust God when it seems He left you to suffer alone? Suggestions for what to say or do to help family and friends cope? Or, God forbid, how can you forgive a medical professional who makes a serious mistake in their treatment of you.

Some books just beg to read, both as a story, as well as a teaching tool and this is one of those books. If you or someone you know struggles with acute or chronic illness this inspiring and practical book is for you. Not only does Wendy’s story provide hope, she teaches readers how to make wise choices with sound, practical advice from one who struggles in the pit of chronic illness.

Back Cover Copy:

It IS possible to live a full life despite the hard realities of having a chronic illness.

Author Wendy Wallace knows how you feel, and she is here to help in Doing Well at Being Sick.

She has over twenty years’ experience living with both acute and chronic illness, and she is well qualified to answer the questions that patients and families who are dealing with chronic illness face.

Wendy weaves her own story with practical advice, helpful information, and biblical insight, and answers many of the questions that sick people ask:

  • Where can you find strength on days when all you experience is weakness?
  • What do you do with the guilt that comes from burdening those you love?
  • How can you trust God when things seem to be going wrong?
  • How do you handle your inability to do what you used to do?
  • What can you do to assist your doctors in giving you the best care?

“None of us would choose to live with illness,” the author acknowledges. “But the sickness brings us opportunities. We can use the pain to learn what is important in life…and what will bring glory to God.”

With Wendy’s wise and compassionate guidance, you too can learn how to do well at being sick.

“You’ve heard that we learn more in the valleys than on the mountaintops. Wendy Wallace has lived this maxim. What a gift to us that she had now told her story—and it is no ordinary telling! Doing Well tugs at your heart, yet tickles your funny bone. You’re about to meet and draw wisdom, perspective and hope from a great, gifted, and godly woman.”

—John D. Beckett, Chairman, The Beckett Companies, and Author of: Loving Monday and Mastering Monday.


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