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Does WEN by Chaz Dean really work?

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WEN by Chaz Dean


It seems that every day we are faced with tempting commercials and ads that make all kinds of promises geared toward our health, beauty and fitness. Perhaps one of the most intriguing beauty infomercials is that of WEN by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. The ads for WEN show beautiful models and celebrities including 'Mistresses' star Alyssa Milano. These women are portrayed with luxurious and shiny hair that we can only dream of. Whether WEN is shown as an infomercial or as a featured beauty product on QVC, hair stylist Chaz Dean is there telling us how fabulous our hair will be with his innovative hair system. The question comes down to does WEN really work? The reality is that Chaz Dean will not be at our home making us look fabulous. Can we achieve dreamy hair on our own?

WEN comes in several different scents that all seem to do something different. The original scent is Sweet Almond Mint which is said to be universal to all hair types. Other scents include Lavender and Pomegranate. The cleansing conditioner is said to replace several hair care products. It acts as a cleanser, conditioner, leave in conditioner and detangler all in one. The system also includes styling products. For those who consider themselves 'low maintenance' and are not used to spending much on their hair the system may be considered a little pricey. It is set up on auto-delivery and payments are made every month.

The reviews of WEN by Chaz Dean are mixed. I decided to try it for myself. I purchased a set that had a Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, Styling Cream, Replenishing Mist, Hair Glosser and a Six Thirteen Cleansing Treatment. I followed all the instructions on how to use the system. The most important thing about WEN is following directions. The cleaning conditioner needs to be massaged into the hair as it does not lather but stays creamy. After using all the products I absolutely loved the system. My hair felt soft and shiny. I was surprised at how clean nice my hair felt without a shampoo that lathers. The styling products were great too. Six Thirteen acts as a booster to add to the regular cleansing conditioner for extra conditioning.

WEN is worth trying out. WEN offers a 60 day money back guarantee.