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'Doc Hollywood (1991)' Movie Review: Southern style love

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'Doc Hollywood (1991)'


Young Dr. Benjamin Stone (Michael J. Fox) has been working in an emergency room in Washington D.C. His co-workers don't care for him much, so when he decides to go to Hollywood to work on Plastic Surgery patients they give him a cake saying good riddance. He wanted out anywhere so he gets in his car and heads west. Unfortunately, he has an accident in a small town called Grady S.C. He crashes into Judge Evans' (Roberts Blossom) fence. When the judge gets young Stone into court he is given 32 community service hours at the local clinic.

He checks in and the nurse in charge, a Nurse Parker (Eyde Byrde), makes him clock in and out like day labor. The actual doctor he is working under is an old coot by the name of Dr. Hogue (Bernard Hughes). Stone finds a place to stay for his time in Grady and is actually welcomed. The mayor, a man named Nick Nicholson (David Ogden Stiers), is really happy to see Stone. You see Dr. Hogue is getting up in years and retirement is on the horizon so he will have to be replaced.

Anyway back at the Lodge where Stone is staying our young Doctor wakes up the next morning to see a very attractive young woman coming out of the lake naked. She had gone in for a swim. "Lou"(Julie Warner) as she is called, is the ambulance driver for town, and young Stone is totally infatuated.

Now young Stone is out to have lunch the next day when he runs into Nancy Lee (Bridget Fonda) the Mayor's daughter and she goes ga-ga for him. This of course upsets Hank Gordon who is totally in love with Nancy Lee.

So what we have here is a love story comedy gone awry. You have to keep an eye on this movie cause so many people are in ;love. It is one of those easy enjoyable films that makes you laugh and feel good after seeing it.

Director Michael Caton-Jones does a good job with this one and allows you the pleasure of just watching a good wholesome movie. It makes you enjoy going back to the theater when you see this flick. So enjoy a simpler way of living in the good ole south. Hollywood isn't all that it is cracked up to be.