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Do you have the Zeal for Life?

Zeal Wellness Energy Supplements and Weight Loss Shake Samples


Have you tried the Zeal Wellness weight loss shakes or energy supplements? This examiner just wrapped up a 6 day test of the shakes and energy supplements.

The consultant that provided me with the samples is a great young lady named Leisa Renae Engelken Telinde of Mom and Me's Zeal for Life. She is a Managing Consultant from Alva, OK.

To give you an introduction to Leisa here is a bit of her story as told by her:

I grew up drinking diet cokes most of my life, since a pre-teen. I have been overweight all of my life. In my 20's I did the Phen-Phen diet and got down to a healthy weight of 160 lbs, however, that had its toll on my body. I ended up with a Heart Murmor and all of the weight that I had lost came right back on plus some. In my mid to late 30's I was properly diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease and later in my 30's with Type II Diabetes. I was taking 1000mg of Metformin 2x's per day to help with my Diabetes and weight, that still was not working. No matter how hard I tried the weight would just not come off. The doctor would say eat more salad and exercise. I did, still nothing. I was so frustrated but didn't know what else to do. I met a lady at a home show in Woodward in the Fall of 2012, she introduced me to a product called Zeal for Life. I went home that night and looked over her website and tried the samples that she had sent home with me over the next few days. I felt an instant change in my body, so hard to explain but felt changes from the inside out. That week I signed up as a consultant!! I am happy to report that since starting the 90 day challenge, I am down 30 lbs and my metformin has been cut in half to 500 mg 2x's per day and my blood sugar is stabilizing!! I have not had a diet soda since March 2013. I am craving more fruits and veggies now and have probably eaten more fruits and veggies since starting on Zeal. I have more energy and more mental clarity. Thank you Zeal and the Zurvita Family for giving me hope for my family and my future. I made an appointment with my Dr, blood work all good and I had lost more weight. My doctor told me to keep doing what I'm doing!! I love Zeal and the wonderful people who are involved with this amazing company!! I love how I can work as a Paraprofessional at school during the school year, be off work with my kids when they are out of school and share Zeal with people part-time and bring in another income for our family. I want to share this with the world!! God Bless!!

Here is my assessment or review of the product mentioned:

This product has been a great alternative for someone who is lactose intolerant and soy intolerant. The energy supplements of the Wild Berry and the Bold Grape did add a nice boost of energy to kick off the day, the Bold Grape was a little strong for this examiner. The Wild Berry energy supplement seem to be a more mild flavor and a better fit for this examiner and her life style.

When it came to sampling the weight loss shake samples, both had a great flavor. This examiner was pleasantly surprised at the chocolate, it actually had more of a mocha flavor than a punch of chocolate, like some others do. The vanilla shake was more of a french vanilla, which was a pleasant change from the everyday straight up vanilla.

Though this examiner did not lose a whole lot of weight with this trial, it was great to find out, that someone who is lactose and soy intolerant can use this product successfully for themselves, and feel great while doing so.

So, if you have the chance stop by her website and say hi, and let her know Nannette Morrison sent you. You can find her site at: .

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