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Do Not Wear The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck


Charlotte owns a bridal boutique in Birmingham, where she uses her gift of finding the perfect dress for each bride. Why then can she not find one for her own wedding? Hoping to clear her head she finds herself at an auction, where she buys an old trunk, and when she opens it finds a vintage wedding dress that looks brand-new.

She decides to investigate the dress’ history, while searching for the perfect bride to wear it. She learns about the three brides who have worn the dress: Hillary in 1968, Mary Grace in 1939 and Emily in 1912. Will Charlotte ever find the next bride? Find out in The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck.

I was disappointed by this book. The storyline intrigued me when I first read it, but it was not what I expected at all. Each chapter is told from a different perspective, jumping from present day to 1912, but I think these changes occurred much too often and were confusing at times.

I would have liked more time devoted to Hillary and Mary Grace’s stories and less time to Emily. For me Charlotte is the main character and while Emily is important, her story is not absolutely essential. I would have liked the book better if some of Emily’s chapters were shortened and/or combined, and a few chapters focusing on Hillary and Mary Grace added.

Honestly, I had trouble finding any Christian themes here. While there is an underlying theme of faith throughout, at times it felt forced and thrown in to make it a “Christian” book. I think I might have enjoyed it more if it was a non-Christian book.

Overall, this is a boring and confusing book. I would only suggest reading it if the storyline sounds truly interesting to you and you can forget it is supposed to be a Christian book. I give it two out of five stars.

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Soli Deo Gloria!

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