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Do not miss Atlanta Ballet's Dracula!

Michael Pink's Dracula now at the Cobb Energy Centre
Michael Pink's Dracula now at the Cobb Energy Centre
Atlanta Ballet

Atlanta Ballet's Dracula


Atlanta Ballet's Dracula shook the very core of its audience with it's opening night of "Dracula." This production is a hit, hit, hit! Quite possibly one of the very best productions this ensemble has put on in the Cobb Energy Centre. Not only was the choreography and skill set of the dancers impeccable (it usually is) but the set, sound, and visual images with lighting make this production better than a movie or theater production. It truly brought the theatrics and imagination to life, an experience as if you were reading the book alone on an eerie night. The dramatic opening of the blacked out theater with just a heartbeat pumping is truly the theme throughout the show of waiting on the edge of your seat for what the powerful, charming Dracula may do next.

The simplistic music is one that really stood out in the production that had a live orchestra as most Atlanta Ballet productions. However, it was the incorporation of the heartbeat, knocking, and glass clinking that sounded like a movie sound team matching the theatrics of the film. Atlanta Ballet hits the mark with this production and is easily one that non-ballet lovers will be in awe of as well.

The choreographer, Michael Pink, who hails from the Milwaukee Ballet let me be the first to say welcome to Atlanta, and you're welcome back anytime.

Do not miss this amazing production that will have you thinking, I might come back tomorrow and watch it again - that was amazing!

Michael Pink's Dracula
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
February 8-16, 2013
Tickets start at $20 - available online or the Cobb Energy box office