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DmC a very enjoyable experience with a unique perspective on a modern Hell (Photos)

DmC reborn
DmC reborn
Cory Wells

Devil May Cry


DmC falls under a very distinct category with me, don't knock it 'til you try it. The look and reboot of this series has caused quite a stir with fans. Thankfully, to me, this new product bring a much more modern take to the series. The original franchise seemed to focus on more of a gothic approach, possibly something seen out of Castlevania, when it came to it's environment and story. Hands down, the new DmC, is the most "adult" game I've ever played. Everything gratuitous that I could think of, from the gore and sex to the dialogue, earns every bit of M rating that's capable. DmC is an excellent hack and slash title that should not be overlooked.


In terms of gameplay and setup, this title stays close to the series. Mainly the only major changes involve the story, rather it be the characters or the environment, that's the pivotal point of the reboot. The game itself is very streamlined, with some options to venture off and collect different items. From the first chapter, you will notice the emphasis for replay value as there are already things and areas you can't unlock without certain moves or items. The idea is to achieve a high combo score, in turn gives you more points, which ultimately leads to upgrades for your abilities and equipment. You can get pretty creative with the combos as you unlock more weapons and abilities, but at the same time you'll find that you won't necessarily use a lot of what's available for upgrades. Some of the button presses are too much and can throw off your timing as you're trying to find a rhythm.

The story for the most part is well and can drag you in to what's going on. At the same time, there's holes in the story that bother me. No spoilers, but it's obvious Dante knows something is going on with him his entire life, and then one day comes off as oblivious to the fact and wants to learn about what's going on with him. And then someone says there's an old hidden tunnel, but then there's enemies down there who aren't demonic, that just irks me. But for the most part, the story is a well done and ties in well with establishing something new.

The game is broken up between the real world and limbo. Dante and his brother Virgil are able to travel to limbo, which can't be seen by human eye. Due to who they are, they are able to travel back and forth. The story involves a political agenda, as political figures are tied in with demons. I understand trying to relate to today's standards, but the political stuff gets a little old. The enemies have some variety as some will require certain weapons to take down, but they aren't anything great. Some of the boss fights are great, even one in particular that feels like a take on SMASH TV and Tron.

DmC uses the Unreal engine and does a really good job. The game is extremely vibrant and colorful. The character models look amazing and the level design is extremely unique. The levels may be streamlined, but they are some of the best looking and creative areas I've ever played. On PS3, however, the cutscenes will suffer from drops in frame. This does not happen during gameplay and hopefully Capcom will patch this because when the scene runs smooth, its looks brilliant.

The soundtrack for DmC is everything anyone under the age of 25 could want this to be. From industrial and metal to dubstep, it's all very fitting for the modern take on Hell. The portrayal of Hell and limbo in the game just seem sludgy and against everything ever allowed in a church. Combichrist and Noisia are responsible for the majority of the soundtrack. The voice acting is also top notch, in fact some of the best in a game. The acting really helps sell the development of the characters.

DmC is quite simply a must play. The game is also meant to be played through multiple times. Also to help with that is improving your combos and updating your scores to leaderboards. It's streamlined story shouldn't deter an established fan of the series already. The story is very well done and the voice acting is amazing. Ninja Theory deserves credit for successfully rebooting a series that is suppose to relate to a younger crowd.

Graphics: 9 - Ninja Theory did a great job of creating the look with the Unreal engine on DmC. Vibrant, colorful visuals and unique environments.

Sound: 10 - There's no denying the voice acting in this game. It's top notch. Add to that an excellent and fitting soundtrack, and the sound on this game is perfect.

Gameplay: 8 - It's familiar, it's hack and slash, and it's streamlined. It's a fun game, but that style of game can only carry you so far. If you're familiar to the series, you will know what to expect. The game does have excellent control as it does everything you expect it to do.

Replay: 7 - As i stated, a hack and slash game can only take you so far. If you're a fan of the game, you will continue to play it. This game is meant to played through at least twice. With no online options, and a streamlined experience, it's only going to have so much replay value.

Overall: 8.5 - DmC is a fun game that sucks you in with its take on Sin. It's a great hack and slash game and it tells a great story. Ninja Theory has a success on their hands. Pick this game up.


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