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DKNY fragrances: Triple threat, double or nothing, or one and done?

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DKNY Pink Macaroon, DKNY Key Lime, DKNY Creamy Meringue


Creating a brand is one thing, but a perfume must stand on its own. DKNY Pink Macaroon, DKNY Key Lime and DKNY Creamy Meringue have nothing in common other than the name.

DKNY Pink Macaroon: This perfume has a pleasing aroma. It's a cross between a youthful, flowery fragrance and the kind of hand lotion found in chic boutiques. The perfume notes include nectarine, kumquat, luscious berries, whipped meringue, rose marzipan, peony, pomegranate, amber, tonka, sandalwood and vanilla.

DKNY Key Lime: This perfume is off-putting. It's loud and never calms down. It has a sour fruit smell similar to DKNY Be Delicious. The perfume notes are a mix of apple, orange, bergamot, mandarin, neroli, ginger, basil, watery muguet, violet leaf, vanilla orchid and cedar wood.

DKNY Creamy Meringue: This is a tricky scent. It starts off a bit sweet and flowery. But the top notes quickly dissolve and the middle notes are very light. It's easy to forget you're wearing perfume at all with this one so a couple of extra spays may be necessary. This is a mixture of lemon cream, bergamot, crepe suzette, frangipani, passion flower, jasmine petals, dewy freesia, sandalwood, white amber and musk.

Initially Creamy Meringue was the best of the three, but because the perfume disappeared so quickly it was an odd competitor. And Pink Macaroon's middle notes slowly turned into the smell of yellow or white cake. And isn't cake a treat to everybody?

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