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'Django Unchained (2012)' Movie Review: Seperated love

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Django Unchained (2012)


Django (Jamie Foxx) is a slave and is being transported to a new owners plantation. While on the way a man by the name of Dr. Schultz (Christoph Waltz), a former dentist, rides up and asks if anyone knows the Brittle Brothers. He informs the men that they are wanted and he plans on finding them. Django speaks up and say that he knows them. Well the white men don't want to sell Django but Schultz has other intentions. Schultz ends up killing the white men and taking Django.

Now the two ride into a small town and go for a drink in the saloon. The bartender does not want to serve them because Django is black. Schultz tells the bartender to go get the sheriff, not the Marshal, but the sheriff. Well the sheriff arrives and is shot. Well the townspeople go nuts and then Schultz tells them to get the Marshal. The towns people and the Marshal all have guns pointed at the two men in the bar. Schultz begins to tell the Marshal that the man that the town elected sheriff is an impostor and is a wanted man. Schultz tells the Marshal that he wants to be paid the two hundred dollars that's on the head of the sheriff.

The two men are now out on the range and camping when Django starts talking about how he became a slave. It seems a man by the name of Carrucan (Bruce Dern) owned Django and his wife Broomhilda von Shaft (Kerry Washington). The two were branded as runaway slaves and sold to two different parties.

Now Schultz and Django hear that the Brittles might be on a local estate and they ride out to see a man by the name of Spencer Bennett (Don Johnson). While on the estate, Django goes off looking for the Brittles. He finds them about to whip a couple of slave girls and is able to kill the two of them but there is one still to go. Schultz arrives and the third brother is killed. Bennett is very upset and wants the heads of the two men. Schultz informs him that the Brothers were wanted and that they had every right to kill them.

Bennett that night gets some of his fellow Klansman and rides out to the two men at their campsite. A battle ensues and eventually many are killed including Bennett. Now with the Brittles dead the bond between the two men is broken and Django is a free man. He wants his wife and will do anything to get her back.

Django has heard that she might be on a plantation down Mississippi way.The two make their way down to a place called Candieland owned by a man named Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). The tow men may have come to the end to their journey when things go wrong again. A negro foreman by the name of Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) doesn't like that Django is a free man.Django is captured and is about to be sold as a slave again.

Director Quentin Tarantino does a wonderful job with this film and its cast. As for the rest of the movie and if Django ever gets his wife back is up to you to see. This is an entertaining movie and is worth the watch. So step back in time and see what slavery and all its savagery is about.