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DJ QUESTLOVE ventures back to Howard Theatre

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DJ Questlove


Still riding high off the waves of the prior Rakim and Slick Rick concert, lingerers were waiting, head bopping, dancing, and even breakdancing in anticipation for DJ Questlove’s session to begin. It was Saturday after midnight but the Howard Theatre was packed as if were midday. All ages, creeds and backgrounds were seemingly present in a watering hole of admiration for the Don of Djing. Finally after about the 100th time being asked by the house DJ if Hip Hop was in building, the velvet curtain rose and revealed the afro wonder accompanied with his trademark hair pick, MacBook Pro and turntables.

True to his namesake, Questlove made a quick announcement over the microphone that we were going on a musical journey around the world. He was certainly not lying about that. It was a trek across continents as well as back in time. His ear for mixing and matching genre’s and trebles is impeccable. Seemingly no artists was left out of his repertoire. So good was he at this craft that legendary rap pioneer Rakim himself was in the wings of backstage moving and grooving during Questlove’s reggae set. He couldn’t take anymore and ran out on stage to give him his props. After an embrace selfies were exchanged and Rakim dashed off stage. “Yo, that was God right there seriously”, announced Questlove before delving back into the beats.

Hour after hour passed and the party continued on. Nostalgia weighed heavily in the atmosphere as each tune he spent brought back some memory from yesteryear’s cookout, basement, or wedding reception. It was truly a galactic gathering from out of this world. Questlove himself even had to mention before taking a bow that there is just something about DC that is likened unto nowhere that all of this music can be brought together under one roof, and be as well received . As humbly as he appeared before the crowd was as graciously that he bowed; after unplugging a few cords and leaving the stage to a roaring applause for a job well done. To best keep up with “Your favorite twitterer’s favorite music snob.” Follow him on Twitter at @Questlove