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Can't seem to find the time to hit the salon this month? No problem! I found some DIY recipes that are a life saver!

Like most hard working people, I have a hard time finding time to pamper myself after a 40 (+) hour week. I am always scouring the internet for the best salons and DIY recipes to fit into my schedule. More often than not, finding a few hours to make it to a salon are usually few and far between (if I even remember to think about it)! Lately, I've been exploring the natural DIY recipes and I must say, I have been surprisingly impressed by what I found.

Recently, I stumbled upon an article published in the Reader's Digest with some great natural DIY recipes recommended by plastic surgeon, Andrew Ordon, MD. This article has everything from a Almond-Sugar Facial Scrub to a Lemon-Agave Age Spot Fighter. There is truly something for everyone! Personally, I have very oily skin so the recipes for acne spot treatments, toners, and moisturizers that fit that mold are the first ones I try myself. The Acne Spot treatment, which contains yeast and lemon, and the Basil Toner, which is basically just basil infused water, are my new daily DIY favorites.

Check out the link below and happy mixing!