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DIY fun with Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels® Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set -slide0
Courtesy of Mattel

Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set


School is almost out, which means you have to find plenty of activities to keep the kids busy this summer. It’s a great time to dabble with some DIY projects and/or toys. One such toy is Mattel’s hottest new product, the Hot Wheels Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set. It’s the ultimate track experience that lets boys and girls design, create, and customize their very own track challenge.

Brave sky-high ramps, race a plane with the radar tower stunt, jump through flames and compete in a furious side-by-side race, kids will love creating their own play pattern. This set is especially great because more than one child can play at a time. You can race five cars in four different directions! My daughter and my friend's son had a blast making all sorts of different tracks. MY friend's son has an arsenal of Hot Wheels cars so he brought them over and the race was on!! They both got a kick out of the plane stunt. When the car goes down one of the sky-high ramps it goes through the plane tower in which the toy plane shoots off. It’s really cool and fun! They each took turns standing in front of the plane so when it shot off it would hit them in the leg or hand (plane is a very light plastic so doesn't do any damage!!).

You can even make this set bigger and better! The starter set features multiple places to connect more tracks and add fun stunts such as the Quick Kick Loop, Lift & Launch, the Hoop Shot, and the Daredevil Drop (each sold separately). The Hot Wheels Track Builder Starter Set comes with one Hot Wheels car and it is recommended for ages 4 years and older. It retails at Toys R Us for $29.99.