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Disney's Refillable Mugs are making an Uproar with Guests!

Disney's Refillable Mug leaves a bad taste in guest mouth.

Disney World Screws guest on refillable mug!


If you have ever stayed at the resorts at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida then you are probably familiar with their refillable mugs. In the past you could purchase a refillable mug and refill it as many times as you like during your stay. Some cast members even informed you that you could bring it back for your next visit at their resorts.

However, Disney has put a stop to that! They have found another way to squeeze money out of their vacationers. Disney has added a chip that tracks how many refills you get during your stay. And I have to say as a frequent Disney guest I am appalled at their attempt to treat their guest with such contempt.

I wanted to fully test out this new RFI chip so I purchased a refillable mug for the length of my stay. I brought the cup and placed it on the shelf. I only hit the button for a few seconds and poured some soda in my cup. I then took it off and took a sip and then placed it back on the shelf to refill it completely. An incredibly rude voice told me that I would have to wait 2 hours for my next refill. This was ridiculous!

You can visit a McDonalds or Burger King and get a soda for $1.00 & refill it up as many times as you like.

Now, I am huge Disney fan who visits the parks every year but even this is something that I can not go along with. I fear that Disney is losing its way and forgetting what they were suppose to be about. Unless, Disney fans and vacationers stand up and say something to guest relations or customer service this kind of thing will continue. It's bad enough that it cost around $50.00-$60.00 per person for a sit down meal when you can get the same thing at your local Old Country Buffet for around $13.00 per person.

Shame on you Disney for taking advantage of your guests who spend thousands of dollars while staying on your property. SHAME ON YOU!

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