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Disney's 'Frozen' is a stunningly beautiful fairy tale

Disney's Frozen


Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen, Disney’s newest animated film, “Frozen”, brings to life a fairy tale that captures all of the elements of a classic Disney love story, and adds a unique flavor of its own to create a truly extraordinary film.

Frozen characters

When their kingdom is cast into an eternal winter by her sister’s secret magic, Princess Anna (Kristen Bell) must journey into the frozen wilderness to bring her sister home and restore the balance of nature in their kingdom before all is lost forever.

Both Anna and her sister, Elsa (Idina Menzel), are strong, independent women, but oddly enough, it is their fragility, not their strength, which makes them unique. Elsa, the elder sister, is haunted by a power within her that she doesn’t understand. As children, she shared a strong bond with her sister, but when fate causes Anna to fall prey to Elsa’s wintry magic, the bond between the sisters is shattered, and they are forced to grow up together but alone.

As time passes and her magic grows stronger, Elsa’s frigid demeanor makes her appear stringent and untouchable but this attitude is actually a mask that hides the deeply rooted fear that Elsa is feeling. This fear is manifested by her compulsive desire to always wear her gloves and isolate herself from those around her – especially Anna. The song “Let It Go” illustrates Elsa literally and metaphorically letting go of her fears and insecurities by casting aside the shackles of her former life (her gloves and her fear of her gift) and accepting her true identity as the Snow Queen by embracing her power without being consumed by it.

There is a strong symbolic connection between Elsa’s power and Anna. When Elsa’s power accidentally touches Anna when they are children, a tendril of Anna’s hair turns white. When Anna finds Elsa in her frozen sanctuary, Elsa accidentally pierces Anna’s heart with her icy magic and her hair turn white again. When Anna discovers that Hans, the man she initially fell in love with, is really a pompous and manipulative aristo-brat who betrays her, her hair turns completely white and she begins to transform into ice. When Elsa’s love for Anna breaks the spell of her frozen slumber, Anna’s true beauty and her life are restored.

"Frozen" is a creatively written and stunningly beautiful movie. Furthermore, it is one of the only films in recent memory that equals the artistry and creative imagination of early Disney animation while still conveying a surprisingly original story. This film is highly recommended to anyone who loves Disney animation at its best.

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