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Disney brings The Jungle Book 2 to Blu-ray

The Jungle Book 2


Disney is one of the few studios that likes to take their movies off the market and lock it away in their famous vault. The follow up to the classic film The Jungle Book managed to bypass the straight to video market and got a theatrical release despite being over 30 years after the original and now Disney is bringing it out of the vault and giving it the hi-def Blu-ray treatment.

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In case you have never seen The Jungle Book 2 it follows Mowgli, now living in the man village but struggling to find his place. When his old friend Baloo arrives for a visit giving him just the chance he needs to return to the jungle for some fun, but when his friend believes he was taken he must protect the ones he loves as well as himself from Shere Khan who is still out there and holds a grudge from their previous encounter. While you never want an animated movie to change the cast the simple fact of this film being 30 years after the original is more than an ample reason. This time around they had Haley Joel Osment and John Goodman taking on Mowgli and Baloo, with both doing a fairly decent job with the characters. The smart thing they did with this sequel is try to keep the new elements intact picking up where the original left off, but keeping to the same formula in hopes to recreate the magic. Of course it nowhere lives up to the original nor does it try to, it just attempts to deliver more fun while taking fans back into the jungle fun of this world. Sure there is new music here, but they intelligently opted to bring the classic song “The Bare Necessities” back to this film a couple of times making it feel like the same world.

Much like most sequels to these classic pieces of animation it will never live up to the original, but served as a great catalyst to introduce a new audience to these classic films that might not be willing to previously for whatever ridiculous reason as well as just bringing the fun of these characters back to the screen. In addition to the beautiful hi-def transfer of the film this Blu-ray also features deleted scenes, music videos, Sing-Along Songs, “The Legacy of the Jungle Book” featurette and so much more.

Step back into the jungle with all your classic friends and pick up The Jungle Book 2 when it hits Blu-ray on March 18th.