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Disney brings Frozen to Blu-ray and DVD



Disney has been cranking out the animated films for years becoming easily one of the premieres in the industry. That doesn’t mean they haven’t had their duds from time to time, but more often than not they deliver. Their latest, Frozen showcased some pretty funny trailers and looked to be a return to form, but does it have the elements needed to be a success or will it be left out in the cold?

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Frozen follows a young girl who teams up with a rugged mountain man and his loyal reindeer on a journey to find her sisters whose powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. For all intents and purposes Disney has crafted the perfect, well Disney movie with this latest release. It returns the musical form not seen in sometime, but beyond that falls a bit flat. To be clear this isn’t a bad movie or anything it just doesn’t have those memorable characters and the punch to drive it home like they normally deliver. The story is simple and works fine, but never really offers all that much urgency as they are trying to imply as well as take some frustrating direction at times. There are numerous moments that just do not make sense in relation to why they are stuck in this castle but it would have been more easily forgivable if there was more happening. The first half of the film is pretty much just reasons to throw a new song in and never really goes anywhere. When it finally gets to the real aspect of the story things start feeling a bit rushed but do pick up a bit. As mentioned before the film sets up aspects that are meant to be urgent, but never feel that way. There is no actual villain to be concerned with nor does it ever feel like there is something to lose. Visually this is a beautiful film. The animation has that classic look while still trying to give some originality to it. The vibrant colors and look of the icy world make for wonderful eye candy and enough to make this film worth checking out.

This is one of those Disney films that the hardcore fans will probably love thanks to its return to the musical classic feel, but others are likely to be hit and miss. With the exception of the snowman there are very few characters that will stand out in your memory. If you are a Disney fan and been looking for that musical classic animated film then this film is for you. In addition to the film this Blu-ray sports numerous special features including “The Making of Frozen” featurette, deleted scenes, “Let It go” music video, “D’Frosted: Disney’s Journey From Has Christian Anderson to Frozen” featurette, and the Mickey Mouse short “Get A Horse!”

Be sure to grab your copy of Frozen when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 18th.