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Discovery Park - The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog's review

Discovery Park Through the eyes of The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog
Discovery Park Through the eyes of The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog
Tracy Lynn Cook, The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog

Discovery Park


This is not my favorite Gilbert park because it is very…concrete-y. I personally prefer parks with more park and less concrete sidewalks and concrete slabs. If you are looking for a sports park however, this is a great choice. There are concrete steps toward the rear of this park that would make a great alternative to running stadium stairs.

Dr. Seuss-like flowers at Discovery Park in Gilbert, Arizona
Tracy Lynn Cook, The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog

This park has a small lake complete with water fowl who have taken up residence and seem quite satisfied amongst the Cattail growing alongside the lake.

A sign posted prominently at the park instructs park go-ers that there is no bathing or swimming in the lake, so no need to bring a towel, shampoo or a bar of soap. There is also no animal swimming or animal bathing so no need to bring fido a bar of soap either.

One does wonder when one comes upon these signs…have they been created because *that particular* activity occurred often necessitating such signage?

Hmmmm…. Things to ponder…

There is a cute little section of concrete near the lake with painted shapes on the ground for a quick game of "name your shapes" - just in case that is a skill you or someone you love happens to be working on acquiring OR if you just happen to enjoy leaping from shape to shape when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

My favorite part of this park is the circular garden near the parking lot off of Pecos. The short dirt path leads to some very pretty flowers that never cease to amaze me with their Dr. Seuss-like appearance.

This is a clean park with bathrooms, lots of lights for night-time sports use, and ramadas with BBQ grills.

The park does have a historical aspect as well. In 2008 prehistoric fossils were found that made Gilbert the talk of the town for a little while.

Bones of large prehistoric camel found in Gilbert

Information from the Town of Gilbert website:

Discovery District Park
2214 East Pecos Road
(Northwest corner of Santan Village Parkway & Pecos Road)

There are three large group ramadas and five picnic ramadas located throughout the park. You can also enjoy the lighted basketball court, volleyball court and tot lot.

Regular Park Hours
5:30 am-10:00 pm (not affected by Holidays)
The public ramadas and other amenities can be reserved any day of the week between 5:30 AM - 10:00 PM.

Park Amenities
· 48 developed acres
· 2 lakes
· 3 lighted multi-use fields
· 2 unlighted multi-use fields
· 2 lighted sand volleyball courts
· 2 lighted basketball courts
· 3 group ramadas (9 tables each, grills and power)
· 5 picnic ramadas (2 tables each, grills and power)
· 1 restroom-concession building
· Playground area
· Benches & bike racks
· Multi-use trails throughout

The Roving Dork Chop FO-tog is a long-time Gilbert resident, however, one never knows where she will turn up next...


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