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Disciples of Mayhem push the boundaries of rock with full length album release

Disciples of Mayhem self-titled full length album release


Disciples of Mayhem are a grooving, straight forward hard rock band from the Tampa area. This line up consists of: singer/guitarist/producer, Craig Blackwell with Mark Lair, Jon Baptist and Rob Findley, creative forces and former members of Smackhead. They have recently completed working in the studio, on their self titled, debut full length album, compliments of M-Labs Studios.

Image slideshow of live performance footage from Disciples of Mayhem, taken at Jake's Tavern and The Local 662.
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections
Craig Blackwell takes lead vocals for Disciples of Mayhem at The Local 662
Kelly Panoc for Perfect Image Kellections

This long awaited self titled release, Disciples of Mayhem, may be found on iTunes; however, you may sample this full length release here, prior to purchasing for a limited time.

These Disciples have quickly become a regional favorite on the rock scene and a sample will explain to you why immediately. These four lads present hard rock/metal band that fuses power-groove metal and blues. Hailing from Tampa, Florida, D.O.M. is staying true to their raw, heavy rock roots while maintaining original memorable riffs coupled with powerful melodic elements. All in one grand rocking package.

The members of Disciples of Mayhem are not new to the music industry as all have worked with some of the finest artists/musicians in music. Craig Blackwell (lead vocals, guitars, producer) has worked with, and is currently working with such artists as Queensryche’s Todd La Torre, Destiny’s Child, Zak Stevens and Mandy Moore. Former Smackhead member Mark Lair (rhythm and lead guitar) has toured alongside Saxon, Motley Crue, and Candlebox. Bassist Rob Findley and drummer Jon Baptist previously shared the stage with Lair in Smackhead, and similarly shared the stage with metal giants Jon Oliva and Zak Stevens.

“It’s refreshing to hear seasoned musicians be original enough to set them apart, yet still inject timeless metal elements that are not making them sound dated. I feel their new release will stand on it’s own merit, and they are eagerly building global fan support”-- Todd La Torre of Queensryche.

Featuring a grand stage presence backed up with solid, hard driving original music, the live show of Disciples of Mayhem blend the hard rock style of the 90's rock into their mix of grooving riffs/metal, but that there is a true underlying touch from the blues within the some lyrics that are Disciples of Mayhem. The music and energy will grab you plenty; however, the strong, deep and penetrating vocals of Craig Blackwell will seal the deal and make you a Disciples of Mayhem fan.

In sampling this release, the singles ring true heavy rock with the appealing heavy guitar riffs of Mark Lair and Mr. Blackwell, with the drums complments of Jon Baptist that ring reminescent to big bands of the 90's era like: Creed, Godsmack and ballads that ring true to the very stylings of Mr. La Torre and Queensryche. These styles though are combined in true Disciples eclectic style and branded as the sound of the Disciples of Mayhem. This album is truly an enjoyable ride from start to finish, which in this day of the downloaded single cannot be said about all albums available. The self titled release from Diciples of Mayhem will rock your socks off, until you beg it to stop.

The release opens it's doors with the short, mood setting introduction of 'Evolution' and moves into the gut punching, ear grabbing meat of the release with 'Blyster' and onto more books from the Disciples, such as: 'Cantankerous' and the live favorite, 'Last Words' to get the message clear throughout this album. This is a lay back and listen to the entire album release and once you sample things for your own ears, you will experience one of the best and well rounded hard rock/metal blended releases around. After hearing the final track, 'The Road Gets Longer', you wil be ready to pack and join in this journey.

The guitar in their playlist with the newer singles from the Disciples is similar to that of Smackhead's style of the darker/deeper side of things, with some new ingredients added for an improved flavor, on a grand original concept.

Sample the self titled release 'Disciples of Mayhem' and purchase it on iTunes.

One thing most appreciated about what the Disciples offer, is that this band is solid in all formats. Their recordings are always impeccable in quality, and in all honesty, even within the freedoms of a live stage performance and their own 'enhancers' added through the performance The Disciples of Mayhem sound great and just as tight delivering a live performance as they do at hard at work in a studio. It is a win-win, in any means for a rock fan to introduce themselves to these four Disciples of rock, but the live show is highly recommended to enjoy it in person and meet the four gents in this band. They are friendly, approachable and very welcoming to new fans. It is simply about the music and it shows upon a live stage with this band.

There are some live dates coming up and you may catch the Disciples of Mayhem live at the Coliseum, in Bradenton on February 22nd and also in St. Pete, at The Local 662 on March 1st. More details to come as available. Make sure to check out the Facebook page for Disciples of Mayhem and their Reverbnation page for all upcoming live performance information. Coverage of both dates the end of February and early March mentioned will be shared on this page, so stay tuned if you are not able to make the travel.

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The members of the Disciples of Mayhem are:

Craig Blackwell - Vocals, guitar & keys
Mark Lair - Guitar, backing vocals & keys
Jon Baptist - Drums & backing vocals
Rob Findley - Bass & backing vocals

Their latest self-titled full length release is available now, right here. Give it a spin, you will never be disappointed.


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