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'Disaster' strikes Broadway but Tony Award winner Sutton Foster saves the day

You've blown it all sky high" Seth Rudetsky! The off-Broadway Musical of the Season.
You've blown it all sky high" Seth Rudetsky! The off-Broadway Musical of the Season.
Broadway Global and Theatre Chat

Disaster! A 70's Disaster Movie Musical


BroadwayGlobal and Theatre Chat share the breaking arts news as "Disaster" strikes Broadway. Well, off Broadway at St. Luke's Theatre. Lucky for our audience, Tony Award winner Sutton Foster (42nd Street) was there to save the day. Enjoy Sutton Foster pictured with the cast of "Disaster'. Sutton's attendance at the "off Broadway musical of the season" could bring more attention to a "Disaster" than FEMA.

"You've blown it all sky high" Seth Redetsky! If you don't hear your favorite 70's song in this musical, then it must have been a 70's "Disaster" and never made on the Billboard charts, but this "Disaster" finds every way to include all your favorites 70's songs, just as the comedy is about to burst Groundlings or Second City style. It may not be Improve, but the script makes you feel as though it could be, just like watching Wayne Brady burst into song! "Disaster" is the off-Broadway musical of the season, bring your entire Birthday party, Wedding party or just make it a girls night out, and I mean that for the men as well... "Disaster" is a Theatre Chat top pick for a fun night out, 70's style.

Seth Redetsky may have one of the biggest Broadway followings, because he host the Broadway channel for Sirius XM. Even Theatre Chat paid that monthly fee to hear Seth's latest Broadway gossip and news, but then we realized, if the Sirius XM Broadway Channel really has all of these listeners, they could use those numbers to market to, by charging the Broadway shows, Producers, Public Relation companies to cover the cost, and not arts radio fan listeners. Charging arts lovers to hear entertaining news is just a "Disaster"! But Seth's dry quick witted humor could sell you land in the Everglades! Guess that's why Sirius XM has Seth as one of their host.

Seth's performance was almost as fun as the gambling addicted Nun... but "all" the Disaster stars take you for one wild 70's ride. If this boat doesn't turn up side down, then your at the wrong show! The original "Disaster" concept by Seth Rudetsky and Drew Geraci was written by Seth and Jack Plotnick, and audiences are loving it. Sometimes a musical with no deep message is just what the doctor ordered. "Disaster has never been so fun!" Broadway Global.

So, isn't funny that the newest musical to hit off-Broadway would be a "Disaster" oh no, not in the song choices, or the casting, but in the script. What would you expect from a musical called "Disaster"? Lucky for our night at "Disaster" Sutton Foster just happened to be in attendance with her fiance, and lucky for a "Disaster" cast, they captured a Kodak moment, or Instagram moment should we say. "Disaster" strikes Broadway big time!

"Disaster" covers more elements than any "Disaster" movie ever created, from Towering Inferno to The Poseidon Adventure. The gimmicks like one young actor playing twins, and the visuals are a delight. Stars of "Disaster" change often, as many move on to their Broadway contracts, but just like "Newsical the Musical" you are sure to find a few of Broadway favorite talents on stage and maybe a few Broadway stars like Sutton Foster in the audience. This week's "Disaster" stars were Seth Rudetsky Annie Golden (who by the way will join Sutton Foster in the upcoming Broadway production of "Violet"), Tim Cross (Maury), Stacey Oristano (Jackie), Sherz Aletaha (Woman Who Screams), Paul Castree (you've come along way baby, Miss Jean Dancer at Opryland).

The talented "Disaster" cast may include: Mary Birdsong, Haven Burton, Charity Dawson, Saum Eskandani, Matt Farcher, Tom Riis Farrell, Drew Geraci, Ashanti J'Aria, Maggie McDowell, Robb Sapp, Jennifer Simard, Mary Testa, Jonah Verdon just to name a few, don't forget as some move on to Broadway contracts you may find a few cast surprises.

Josh Iacovelli (Scenic and Lighting Design), Brian Hemesath (Costume Design), A & L Sound Partners (Sound Design), Larry Pressgrove (Music Director/Orchestrations), Steve Marzullo (Music Supervisor/Vocal Arrangements), Joey Monda (General Management), Red Rising (Marketing), Coyle Entertainment (General Press Rep), Jeff Davolt (Production Stage Manager), Tom Kosis (Assistant Stage Manager), Denis Jones (Choreography), Jack Plotnick (Director), and James Wesley (Producer).

The 70's live band gets a shout out as well, Larry Pressgrove (Conductor/Keyboard), Paul Livant (Guitar), Greg Joseph (Drums), Mark Schmied (Bass). For tickets visit "Disaster". "Disaster" is now playing at St. Lukes Theatre is located at 308 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036. For more information visit their facebook page at or the Official "Disaster" website at

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