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'Direct' your own wine classic

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Francis Coppola 2010 Director's pinot noir and 2012 Director's Cut sauvignon blanc


Two exceptional releases from Francis Coppola Winery – Director’s Cut 2012 Alexander Valley sauvignon blanc and 2012 Director’s 2010 Sonoma Coast pinot noir – are artistic expressions of Sonoma County.

In the film business, the Director’s Cut emerged as a means for filmmakers to present their own creative vision of a story.

“Winemaking and filmmaking are two great art forms that are very important to the development of California,” Coppola said. “They both start with top raw ingredients – the land and the grapes and the script and the actors’ performance – and ferments and blends. The winemaker says “yes” to one batch and “no” to another. The director does the same from casting and costuming to edits and sound mixes.”

The sauvignon blanc has a distinctive graphic band label, a replica of a 19th original used in a device called a Zoetrope which produced the illusion of a ‘moving picture.’ But what is inside the bottle is no replica. It is a varietal of juicy pink grapefruit flavors with a chorus of pineapple, lemon and bright minerality.

The Director’s pinot noir is soft, fruity and expressive and an alluring value at $17. The curtain opens on sensuous aromas of raspberry and juicy ripe strawberries. But, this is beyond the pretty face. It has backbone and decadent flavors of bright fruit layers and cinnamon and a lingering unforgettable ending.