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Dingo Chewy Buns Turn Into Dry Chewy Strips - Bleech!

Package of Chewy Buns by Dingo

Dingo Chewy Buns


Pros: Made with real meat and rawhide; Dingo brand

Cons: Does not deliver long time chewing action, or interest; Has artificial color, preservative, corn sugar

Summary: Skip this Dingo product and spend your money on another dog chew treat

I have purchased quite a number of Dingo brand dog treats over the years and have been happy with the product and quality of each of their growing variety of treats and chews. My dogs have always taken right to them and often guarded them from each other so that they could savor each one - they would often hide them to find and finish later on. This Dingo product, Chewy Buns, was a disappointment and has been left all lost and lonely on the floor. It will be gracing the garbage can after this review if complete!

The 2 pack of Dingo Chewy Buns states that they are appealing chews that dogs of all sizes will love. Each "bun" is actually hand-rolled to form a chewy swirl shape that does resemble a cinnamon roll with the 2 colors of tan and speckled reddish brown. The "buns" are a combination of both real meat (chicken and pork) and rawhide. The shape is cute and I thought it would be a fun new chew-hide.

The problem with the Chewy Buns is that as the dog starts to chew and gnaw on them, they unravel into a long strip of reddish meat hide stuck on rawhide. It does not take a dog long to eat and tear off the meat portion, leaving a long strand of rawhide with a reddish-brown stain running down it's length. For some reason, once the "meat" is off, the rawhide totally loses it's appeal. I think that if they stayed more cohesive and did not unravel they would hold a dog's interest longer and be more "edible" and "tantalizing" to our furry friends.

In addition, the rawhide is hard and stiff and feels dried out. It's edges feel sharper than other rawhide I have purchased. When you drop it on the floor from just a foot high, it sounds like a hockey puck dropping. There is really no odor, other than a slight "chemical" scent that I could detect.

I think the idea of a chew-hide shaped like a bun is a cute one, but in reality, it just does not meet practical chewing action and does not sustain interest for long.

The Ingredients of these "buns" are: Rawhide, Chicken, Pork, Water, Corn Sugar, Salt, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), FD&C Red 40.

The Guaranteed Analysis is:
Crude Protein: minimum of 80.0%
Crude Fat: minimum of 1.0%
Crude Fiber: maximum of 2.0%
Moisture: Maximum of 14.0%

There is a caution on the plastic non-resealable bag that that includes the statement to pick a chew slightly larger than your dog's mouth, and to discard any chunks or fragments.

Feeding instructions are to provide one per day for best results. Not sure what the best results they are talking about are?

Dingo Chewy Buns are made by Eight in One Pet Products and distributed by United Pet Group, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230;
You can contact the company at (888) 740-BONE, or at; This product is made in China.

While I have purchased numerous Dingo products before, I will not buy their Chewy Buns again - I will continue to buy the Dingo brand products I have tried and my dogs have enjoyed though. The Chewy Buns are going in the garbage.

Thanks for reading! Judy

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