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Digitally Remastered: The Visitor

Movie review: The Visitor


A 1979 movie called “The Visitor” will remind movie goers, They sure don’t make them like that anymore. Starring Lance Henriksen, Joanne Nail, Page Conner, John Huston and the great Shelly Winters. Directed by Giulio Paradisi, brings his vision of story of an ancient battle between good and evil as Katy Collins, played by Page, is born with telekinetic powers inherited by an evil spirit who came to earth long ago.

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This movie reminded me those days long past when drive-in theaters were still around. Back then movies were not that entertaining and dragged on more than it should. With that being said, The Visitor fits the profile and a movie lost in the 70’s and should stay there. Scenes that required a background music to condone a heroic moment was overplayed and senseless. Characters in the story were either development too slowly or had little meaning as to why they were there in the first place. As the movie unfolded we discover why Jerzy Colsowicz, played by John Huston needs to find a child who possess great mental powers and kill the evil essence within her. Unfortunately those late 70’s special effects did not save the movie nor the script. Some action scenes look like a hazard zone for the actors.

I did not find this movie very entertaining but very much appreciate how the movies have come along way from those psychedelic movies from the 70’s. But if you love to watch movies with a drive-in theater feel, The Visitor is the movie to have. Digitally remastered by Drafthouse Films and Cinedigm packed with bonus material including actor’s thoughts and comments about the movie. It’s out on DVD and Blu Ray on March 4th and check out Drafthouse Films website.

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