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Diamonds Ice Bar & Grill

Diamonds Ice Bar & Grill


Diamonds Ice Bar & Grill is open for breakfast in the mornings and I have a wonderful surprise for all of you that are missing Stella Blues..

Some of those cooks are cooking up a storm over here at Diamonds now.

I had my favorite Benedict and was pleasantly surprised. Delicious potatoes too, which is a rare breakfast find on Maui.

I also tried what Stella's use to call the Manhattan and it was also really good. It's a bagel with cream cheese, lox, capers, tomato and onion... Another hit on the breakfast menu.

Prices? They are EVEN BETTER. That is the great news!!

So for all those lost breakfast refugees hanging around the front of Stella's saying, "Gaia, where are we going to have breakfast?" Well, I am encouraging them down the walkway to the front of the Azecka property and they are now eating at Diamonds. A quick step or two away.. no really? YES!

Right across for the Post Office in Kihei @ 1279 South Kihei Rd. next to that little Territorial Savings.

Sunday Evenings the regulars on Maui know to come to Diamonds for Gina's band and great live music.

So if you are wondering where your favorite Chefs from Stella Blues went, now you know.

Get yourself over to Diamonds and have that delicious breakfast you are longing for. They have all my favorite breakfast menu items but with more reasonable prices.

Surprised? I was too and also glad that I checked it out. Five Star rating on the food here. For More info. call 874-9299.

They have a web site with some info. and specials on it but not the breakfast menu as of yet. They also serve other meals there but again you will have to call for those menu item details if you want. Better yet, head over for breakfast and enjoy!

8 AM-11 AM....Daily. I spent sometime with the owner over there and he is delightful.



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