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Devotion by author Kristie Cook

Devotion by author Kristie Cook


(Note: a big thank you to Author Kristie Cook for allowing me to be one of the first to read Devotion and part of her review tour so I could review it on

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DEVOTION by Author Kristie Cook
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Author Kristie Cook continues the fantastical journey of her Soul Savers series with the release of DEVOTION, her Third Book of the series. And, ‘Devotion’ is what Alexis is questioning along with who’s the betrayer and conspirators that want to overthrow the matriarch and become the ruler of the Amadis people.

Now that Tristan and Alexis are reunited, along with their son Dorian they soon find they need to be at the Amadis mansion not only for safety sake, but so that Alexis can work on refining her powers now that she’s gone through the Ang’dora. She soon realizes though that she has much to learn besides honing her powers; she must learn who can be trusted among all the many mysteries surrounding not only her birth, but the birth of her son and what his future holds. Can her son stay with the Amadis or will he too be taken over by the Daemoni, is there a reason she was unable to have a daughter plus there are whispers that a daughter was actually born but swept away and hidden at birth? These and other questions take her and Tristan yet on another journey out in the world to find the answers all the while having to fight the Daemoni who are still trying to control or kill them.

She must protect her son at all costs, while finding the truths. She finds that at times she questions her own abilities and even the faithfulness of her soul mate and true love.

A twist comes when the Amadis turn against Tristan and want him banished to be separated from Alexis forever. Will Alexis stay and protect for the good of the Amadis humanity or will she abandon and follow Tristan? These and many questions surrounding the Amadis, the Daemoni, and exactly what value is placed on the pendant Tristan gave Alexis in book one are finally answered in Devotion.

But, not to disappoint, Devotion, following along true to form with the great writing from this author with the mix of fantasy, an insatiable love story that defies to be quenched, and the suspense, will have you intrigued to find answers page after page.

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