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Devil Dealers review

Devil Dealers


Devil Dealers is written by Ross May with art by Brett Wood. Devil Dealers is published by Markosia Enterprises. You can read Devil Dealers in print or digital now, just visit

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Devil Dealers is a story about a man named Greg who beats the Devil at a game of cards. He then meets a group of "devil dealers", people who are chasing the Devil in hopes of catching him and making the Devil give them anything they want. We get to see some background of the characters, including the classic Devil went down to Georgia story. I found this story the funniest and loved that they make a joke out of it. The story is fast paced and jumps around a lot. I found myself wondering sometimes how we ever got there to begin with. The art was easy on the eyes and it was a good story, if you can keep up with it.

I would like to thank Ross May for giving me the chance to read and review this comic. Ross May used to write for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sometimes with the co-creator Peter Laird. Be sure to like Devil Dealers on Facebook and follow Ross May on Twitter.