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Deus Ex: Human Evolution - Possibly the greatest game ever.

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Deus Ex: Human Evolution


Deus Ex was a franchise that started out on the PS2 years ago that never really intrigued me in the day. It took forever for a release of the series to hit the current generation, and when it hit, it clearly went to the top of the list for current games on the market, especially multiplats. This game is flat out gorgeous, and the gameplay, not necessarily original, works to perfection.

Basically the main character is a dude that's mixed with a cyborg in the future. As with most futuristic games, the game comes off constantly dark and in a bleek environment. This is a world where it's humans vs human-cyborgs. The player models look great at times, but then other times come off looking a little weird. The lighting inside buildings is great and effects of explosions and sparks and whatever else is great also.

This game combines many different great games to form like a super game. It's like forming a super band with different players from different bands. The biggest thing that sticks out that this game takes from is obviously Metal Gear. The stealth aspect is the most important part of this game. Now I argue some of the weapons you get aren't great for stealth missions, but you're limited in ammo so you just can't mow people down. There are stealth moves you can perform that temporarily, and i mean temporarily put an enemy to sleep. The A.I. is no joke on this game, they're not dumb, it's pretty strict. If you do a stealth move while under alert, you will whip out these blades and straight up destroy somebody. Headshots with a pistol seem really rewarding too. When you have an enemy in your sights and he's just looking around like an idiot, and you cap him, it's awesome.

The game comes off as a more futuristic Metal Gear, but lacks with things like crawling on the ground. It seems the cover system was taken from Resident Evil 5, which brings me to the next series this game takes from. There is an exploration element to this game that takes me back to older RE titles. Even the inventory system seems as if it's directly taken from Resident Evil.

Decision making in conversations has a real impact in this game. Rather you're trying to convince an enemy to let a hostage go or making friends and being social, it makes a giant difference. It's up their with L.A. Noire when it comes down to this aspect of the game, however unlike L.A. Noire, this will actually change the things that will happen later on. Just that aspect of the game is very addicting.

There is a hacking aspect to this game that comes off as being taken from Bioshock. There's droids and shoot at you and cameras that spot you. You can unlock certain items, or just emails which end up being pointless. You also can upgrade the character with certain things such as enhanced radar, hacking, and armor. The game stresses exploration to find these parts that are needed to upgrade. If you stick directly to where you're suppose to go, and don't explore, coming across these parts needed to upgrade is more difficult.

This game has so many different elements it will keep you playing for a long time. The only thing this game is missing is Zombies. The controls are spot on as I play with a keyboard and a mouse. The exploration element really adds to the replay value of the game, not to mention the different outcomes on things you say and do. This game is a must have and with so many games being hyped to be released soon, this one has been put on the backburner somewhat. It's atleast worth a rental to get you hooked. I have not played the console version, I am reviewing the PC version.