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detoxRX Ginger Cocoa Detox bath product moisturizes, healing product

This is Detox RX Ginger Cocoa Detox Bath, which is a cleanser, moisturizer and a healing product.
This is Detox RX Ginger Cocoa Detox Bath, which is a cleanser, moisturizer and a healing product.
Shamontiel L. Vaughn

detoxRX Shamontiel L. Vaughn


Ginger isn't just a spice to sprinkle on food. As an herb, it's been said to help with many medical issues, including appetite loss, arthritis, bronchitis, colic, coughing, flatulence, menstrual cramps, morning sickness from pregnancy, motion sickness, muscle pain, nausea (from cancer, surgery, vomiting), upset stomach and upper respiratory tract infection.

With all of these healing components, it's no wonder that SMB Essentials chose ginger as one of their detox bath products.

Ginger Cocoa Detox Bath comes in a silver package. Pour 1/2 cup of the powdery ingredient into bathwater, and enjoy the relaxation time for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The biggest bonus of the product, with immediate results, is the sweet smell of the primary ingredients (organic ginger root powder and organic theobroma cacao seed butter).

Cocoa butter is notorious as a moisturizer, and Ginger Cocoa Detox Bath does a decent job on dry skin. When tested in two baths and one pedicure, the bath powder is strong enough for skin. But for areas that are usually dryer than most (ex. feet), lotion is still required.

The bigger bummer for the bath product isn't a short-lasting moisturizer though; the bath product smells so inviting while sitting in the bathtub that it would've been ideal for the scent to last longer. After about an hour, the ginger cocoa scent completely disappears. But as with any nice, hot bath, the feel of relaxation lingers.

While the fragrance in the bathtub is an obvious reason to want to enjoy the experience, it's unclear if the relaxed feel is due to the bath, the ginger or both. But considering the nonbath perks of ginger, it certainly doesn't hurt to blend the two together.

As a moisturizer, the rating is 2.5 stars. As a relaxation product, the rating is 3.5 stars. As a fragrance, the rating is 4 stars and would be 5 stars if it would've stayed on the skin longer. But the reason it got a 2-star rating is the length of time it takes to clean out of a bathtub. Imagine how long it takes to clean sand out of a tub after a trip to the beach. That's about the length of time it takes to get all of the ginger ingredients to dissolve. Prepare to wash the tub at least four times for it to go back to normal.

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