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Detective Comics: Futures End #1 review

Detective Comics: Futures End #1


September is all about the future in DC Comics. You get a ton of new comics that are based 5 years in the future and tie into the New 52 series Futures End. Along with all this one shot comics you can get them with some pretty awesome 3D covers. Nothing better than a reason to go to your local comic book store.

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Detective Comics: Futures End #1 is written by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul. The art work is done by Scott Hepburn with cover art by Jason Fabok. This issue shows us a fun team up with two of the best detectives, Batman and The Riddler. They have to team up to stop Calendar Man from repeating the blackout of Year Zero that was originally caused by The Riddler. We all know Nigma isn't going to let anyone out shine him.

This was an extremely fun issue. It was fun to read and the art is gorgeous. My only issue was that I didn't see how it tied into the Futures End storyline. It tied into Detective Comics Annual #3, but not Futures End like it said it would. If you just push that out of your head while your reading you will enjoy this issue.

Check out the slide show to see a sneak peek of Detective Comics: Futures End #1 if you haven't read the issue yet. And don't forget to come back for more awesome reviews and sneak peeks.