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'Destination Anywhere'

Just run away and keep running until the hurt and pain of the everyone who knew to do and did not do subsides.


Even if I go blind I will see You. Even if I become deaf, I will hear You. Take away my feet and I will still make my way to You. Take away my arms, and I will still embrace You. Make my heart stop, and my mind will take up its beat. Consume me with fire and every drop of my blood will become ablaze. ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

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Bobby Bukowski
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher join Secretary-General to launch Trust Fund for victims of human trafficking. Friday, November 5th, 2010.

Who is the patron saint of lost children, the sick, abandoned, abused, their flesh thin as gauze, too penetrable, always bothering me when I try to sleep, fists tugging at my night gown. Forlorn ghosts with questions dripping from their eyes, pronounces Demi as Jani, a mother who has lost her small child to death. It would not be a month of the gargantuous firework of love without granting a significant focus to those tiny beings produced out of unions, and whether through the creative act of love or by no voalition of the choice of a child, those voiceless human beings without rights and often any choice are given over to adults who may choose to use them for selfish means, own them like slaves, or abandon them even emotionally. And what child can say until they learn how to say it happened, exactly what happened. A voice silenced by the grave, or by ashamed society, still wants to sing the melody of what happened even if it is a late or later someday. Destination Anywhere tells the story of the grief of one woman who after the death of her own child suffers just as much as a war veteran Born On The Fourth Of July. "Isn't that the guy that owes Leo some money. What the Hell is he doing here?" But Jon (Jon Bon Jovi) tells us all about what he buried down inside of himself. This is a story about what it means to be lost, driven away from your own home and with a Main Street distinct flavor ~ Bella's Coffee Shop and home cooking upstairs. Jani (Demi Moore) laminates about a loser male mate after his pile-up of gas, electric and other bills on her and he finally decides to trek on home.

Yet he is sick of this, as every time he comes home it is the same thing. She is really nuts. Every time you come back - you sound like you're doing her a favor gripes her best friend. ~ She works at a hospital whereafter she brings home every day the very fact that...and he deals by running, running, running and running away. A surprising work of cinematic film art, a Hemingway on tape. And then there is this She's Having My Baby Kevin Bacon irony who meets with Jon, the father of the child who died at a bar who over drinks and asks Jon in the interim if he loves Jani. As you recall, Bacon starred as a fatted calf of a husband and newlywed new father who with the perfect executive job, the big fat traditional home, and an even larger pregnant wife due to the condition of same later begins to reexamine his decision to marry in the first place and his stance as a former and elongated forever, as if, proclaimed bachelor of sorts.

In direct contrast, Destination Anywhere looks at abused children and those who left behind and abandoned and bereft of love or and for other reasons who just die as if the love denied them made that crime most alive. The Manhattan home of Jon haunts him for that reason. The only child he ever had with Jani, killed early, a life short, a life hit and run and gone, he begins to deal with the hurt by gambling and piling up debt. Jani continues to work as a nurse at the hospital. But one day after a baby thrown away on top of a pile of dumpster trash, brought to the hospital, her pain takes a sharp turn another way. The Zen Buddhist trump, I am you and you are me, and yet we exist independently. As we work on ourselves personally, others benefit. The same time does distinctly present such a query, that and the sometimes wondering of those who really wonder what kind of future world faces us. The confrontation of whether or not to deal with the problem of vampirical human emotion by those persons who seem either confused by what society expects of them, or don't know what decision to make. On a soft note of experience, personal conceptualization or ignorance, the star Annabella Sciorra models a very realistic flower growing out of the sidewalk of Dorothy, and Whoopi Goldberg as Cabbie, Mark Pellington whose foresight for getting the point across and being supportive of the present humanitarian approach at the time of private actress Demi Moore to work to promote the U.N.O.D.C., a group who enlisted to stop human trafficking. A situation which seems legal at this time, except perhaps possibly where children are concerned, depending on the mood of jurisdiction leaders at any given hour of a day or time. At that time, during the film production of the honest trope of a more authentic Bon Jovi actor bit piece, the 1997 film expo which a more film noir style of cinema genre, also supported the Bon Jovi solo album and tour of Destination Anywhere. A motif obviously representative of the very fact that it feels like no one cares about poor children who own nothing, or truly abused children bereft of a home or love at all, those orphans who no one claims anymore, and so why should anyone else care either. Just run away and keep running until the hurt and pain of the everyone who knew to do and did not do, and instead did just the opposite and who does not care until that somehow.

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