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Derrick Dixon's BREAKTHROUGH Reminds Us Of Our Own Possibilities

BREAKTHROUGH by Derrick Dixon


We've all been there: felt unworthy, unloved and in some ways useless. We've given our best, but it never seems like enough. It is at that particular time that you need a reminder of just how valuable you are, and that is what Derrick Dixon's single BREAKTHROUGH does.

"When you're feeling down," he sings, "and like your world's moving slow" you have to remember your race while marching towards your goal. "Keep your head lifted high, and look towards the sky. You're the superhero." That's right: you were created to be great, and with faith there is nothing you can't do. "Nothing's impossible when speaking over your life," Dixon reminds us. "The skies the limit...just spread your wings and fly."

To those who have been mistreated Dixon offers this: "Maybe you've been abuse, now confused with descriptions of love. Just open your heart. Forgiving is a lost art to have a brand new start." This means you have to be willing to let go if you want to truly enjoy the present and look with optimism towards the future. Forgiveness is for you. "When the wind hits your face," he sings, "take it as an embrace from the father above. Don't let depression defeat you. Don't let failure be your way. When the storm ends you'll press towards another day." That means that this trouble is temporary and if you are able to persevere the sun will shine again.

"Keep fighiting," Dixon urges. "Hold on. Don't let no one take your happiness. Keep smiling. The sun's shining. Your breakthrough is on the way." The constant, inspiring message of BREAKTHROUGH is this: "You're an angel soaring like an eagle. Nothing is impossible. Don't take impossible. You're brighter than the stars."

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