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Denver's First Ever Vegan Drinks Event

Thanks to Vegan Coloradical & Plants & Animals Denver for making Vegan Drinks Denver a reality!

Vegan Drinks Denver


There's something new happening here in Denver. There's a vibrant vegan social scene forming. This new social platform is being invigorated by facebook and twitter. Plants & Animals Denver can certainly be credited with creating much of the momentum, with their monthly Chomp events, where they serve all vegan dinners to hungry attendees. And now there’s another organization in town to partner with them called Vegan Coloradical. Vegan Coloradical’s website is dedicated to making sure vegans eat well and live joyfully in Colorado. They have posted useful lists of vegan friendly restaurants, businesses, and volunteer opportunities. Their website is a great resource for any vegan who visits Colorado, or who calls this state home. Lucky for us, they are also in the business of event planning.

The two non-profits teamed up tonight to put on the first ever Vegan Drinks Denver. It was held at Denver Beer Co., which proved to be a terrific venue. Because the bar was extremely busy, the owner set aside the brewing room for the event. This made the experience a bit more intimate. There was a great showing, and people seemed to have a fantastic time. Some attendees didn’t know anyone before going, and walked away with new connections. Others met up with old friends. The best part about the evening was that mingling was a must, as there were no chairs, and only one small standing table. People milled about, socializing with many different individuals or groups.

It seems this vegan social explosion is just beginning. Plants & Animals Denver is at it again this weekend. Check out the Neat Market on Sunday, January 15th to rub elbows with like-minded folks. It'll be a fun-filled craft fair and mini-market, featuring 100% vegan items.

Not vegan, but interested in the idea of veganism? You’re still welcome to attend any of these events. It’s about spreading the love, not closing doors. Check out some upcoming events by clicking here.