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Demshitz: Bonfire Brewing

Demshitz from Bonfire
Demshitz from Bonfire
Christopher Bruns

Demshitz Brown Ale


In Colorado, wintertime weather can mean sub-zero temperatures that freeze the breath as one exhales, it can mean downright balmy climes suitable for shorts and sandals, and it can mean everything in between. With such fluctuation, it’s wise for local beer geeks to keep their refrigerators stocked not only with heavy, dark beers but also with a few bottles or cans of something less intense—a middle-of-the-road beer. For a brew tailor-made for an unseasonably warm winter day, try Bonfire Brewing’s Demshitz Brown Ale (5.8% ABV).

Color: At first glance, Demshitz appears very dark, almost black, but, when held to a light, it reveals itself to be a mix of rich brown and cherry red. It’s topped with a tan head.

Aroma: Gentle wafts of lightly brewed coffee emanate from Demshitz, imparting a calming sensation.

Taste: Demshitz starts with bitter chocolate flavor, segues into a touch of sweetness, and finishes with a hint of toasted malt. As the beer warms and as the drinker continues to enjoy Demshitz, the beer becomes milder and takes on the quality of milk chocolate.

Mouthfeel: Demshitz is fairly creamy and full-bodied. It leaves the mouth salivating.

If it’s mid-January in the snow-packed the high Rockies and the sun is beating down with 75 degrees of face-reddening rays, neither a gnarly stout nor a crisp Pilsner is appropriate—beer geeks need a brew appropriate for the mix of hot and cold. A brown ale fits the bill and Demshitz would be a wise selection.

Demshitz is available in some Denver-area liquor stores.