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Demi Lovato fills Allstate Arena to the rafters

Demi Lovato concert during 2014 Neon Lights tour at Allstate Arena in Chicago


Disney icon Demi Lovato brought her 2014 "Neon Lights" tour to Allstate Arena near Chicago on March 14. The tour included "X Factor" contestants Fifth Harmany and the 2011 winners of the U.K. version, Little Mix.

Demi Lovato performs on 2014 Neon Lights Tour at Allstate Arena near Chicago
Demi Lovato performs on 2014 Neon Lights Tour at Allstate Arena near Chicago
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Demi Lovato sells out Allstate Arena on Neon Lights tour
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Traffic was intense approaching the venue, as most cars were parents dropping off their kids. As such, the traffic was a crawl while doors vehicles stopped for a minute then continued onward. It was a little less efficient than other shows and made for a slow approach.

DJ Cole Plant got the music started at 7:30 p.m. with a dance mashup that allowed the sold-out crowd to settle in before Fifth Harmony appeared fifteen minutes later. The mostly female crowd let out a shrill cry when the lights dimmed and the five-piece hit the stage. Tight harmonies and strong individual vocals suggest Fifth Harmony might be around for awhile, the crowd went nuts when they performed "Miss Movin' On" to close their set.

Collins Key acted as emcee between sets, performing illusions and selecting a few fans to join him onstage. The seventeen year old Key seemed to connect well with the crowd, while generating laughs, tossing a few t-shirts and even providing one lucky fans with a backstage pass. His role was to ensure the younger fan base was kept preoccupied during the set change and it worked.

Little Mix have attained a couple chart-topping singles back home and have broken the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 with their first two album releases, DNA and Salute."The British quartet took the stage with an entourage of four male dances and promptly drew comparisons to the Spice Girls with their energetic performance. Highlights included "Move" and "Wings."

When the lights dimmed for Demi Lovato it was immediately apparent she would own the night. The crowd took the volume to another level before Demi even set foot on stage. Hands, phones and glow sticks quickly shot into the air as Lovato launched into "Heart Attack," the lead single from her most recent release, Demi. Sporting pink highlights with her recently shaved do, she constantly whipped her hair as she traversed the stage from side-to-side.

Roughly half of her setlist was composed of her new music, while the remainder were charted singles such as "Remember December," "Skyscraper," "Here We Go Again" and "Give Your Heart a Break." While the powerful Latina still draws a "Disney" crowd, she's definitely come of age and officialy an adult at 21 years old. Her lyrics have reached a new maturity and she performed with an attitude that drew strong approval from the packed house.