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Dell Chromebook 11 - The best Chromebook yet?

Dell Chromebook 11
Dell Chromebook 11
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Dell Chromebook 11


Dell has joined the growing list of laptop makers selling Chromebooks. At the core, Chromebooks are the simplest computers you can buy today. Almost every Windows laptop maker now offers Google Chromebooks. Dell's new Chromebook 11 has set its sights on the education market, but it's a great all-around laptop which anyone can order from Dell's website for under $300.

The Verge, an online media and technology publication, is already calling the Dell Chromebook "possibly the best Chromebook ever made."

In my opinion, the perfect Chromebook should be inexpensive, fast, well-built, and come with a day-long battery. Dell seems to meet all of these criteria and more. The Chromebook is easy enough to be used by students, but Chromebooks are perfect for adults as well.

Dell's Chromebook 11 main features include:

  • a new intel processor
  • 4GB of RAM
  • USB ports
  • HDMI port
  • all-day battery
  • The Chromebook 11's 1366 X 678 pixel resolution doesn't match Samsung's Chromebook 2, but Dell's pixel resolution is just fine--it does the job! The screen performance itself works perfectly well and is fine for browsing the web, watching videos, and displaying photos for viewing.

At 2.9 lbs., the Dell Chromebook is hefty, but still remains portable. It is visually quite appealing, it doesn't try to look like a MacBook, but by no means does it look cheap. Instead the lid, interestingly named "Foggy Night", has subtle good looks. Dell's solid contraction and design make other Chromebooks look cheap.

Top takeaways from Dell's Chromebook build quality:

  • it collects no fingerprints
  • its rubber matte finish has a comfortable feel
  • the seams are tight
  • there is little or no flex
  • no obvious cost-cutting shortcuts in the hardware
  • Dell's Chromebook 11 is all plastic. As in smart phones, there is a right way and a wrong way to do this -- "Dell does it the right way."

Typing on the Dell is a great experience and seems to be pleasing to everyone. The keyboard is especially a benefit for those who do a lot of sustained, focused writing and process loads of email:

  • the keyboard surprises with its well-spaced keys and comfortable travel
  • add in easy adjustments
  • keeps nice subtle textured track pad beats the competition as it is big and easy to use with a multi-touch scrolling

Chromebook 11 combines 4GB of RAM and an intel processor, and can handle just about anything like dozens of open tabs, HD video playbook, and lots of writing. Moreover, the Chromebook 11 uses the Chrome OS which is a suitable platform for ordinary things that a user does with a computer.

Now that we've looked at the resolution, processing and platform, what about battery life? The Chromebook battery is indeed impressive. The Verge did a rundown test where the Chromebook battery ran almost ten hours and eighteen minutes. With a battery that can be pushed to the limits, combined with astounding hardware speed, work gets easy. No need to be near a plug-in to keep going either. In actual usage this battery with "a keep going attitude" ran eight hours without a plug-in. Users agree that this is an all-day machine.

An important caution is that Chromebook users must get used to living in the cloud. With just 16 GB of storage on the computer, storing in the cloud is essential.

So with great graphics, a powerful processor, sleek design and phenomenal batter, is the Dell Chromebook the new leader?

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