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Deliver Us From Evil delivers.

Deliver Us From Evil
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Deliver Us From Evil delivers


When I was a teenager I remember spending many a Saturday night watching horror movies on television. The show was hosted by the amazingly endowed Elvira. The movies virtually all sucked but that was part of the overall entertainment package. It was Elvira who grabbed and held viewers, the films were simply something to mock while filling in between appearances of Elvira. Consequently the opinion I formed of the horror genre was very low if arguably unfair. So when I went to watch “Deliver Us From Evil” my expectations were minimal at best. I am happy to report that in fact “Deliver Us From Evil” is a superb and highly entertaining movie firmly within the horror, thriller genre.

The movie opens with a scene showing three Marines in Iraq. It is combat but there is a twist. The show moves forward a few years and relocates to New York City where NYPD Detective Sergeant Ralph Sarchie exquisitely portrayed by Eric Bana has to deal with an ever escalating series of utterly bizarre events that lead him ultimately to the source of great evil. With the help of a very flawed Jesuit priest played by Venezuelan born actor Edgar Ramirez. Much of what makes this film a true winner within the genre and beyond is that each step along the way unfolds in a believable way. To be sure the ultimate resolution where one of the former Marines Santino first seen in the beginning of the movie is exorcized and ultimately purged of evil is well over the top, yet the buildup is perfectly paced making the conclusion both rational and riveting.

This is by far one of the best horror thriller films of the decade. It is very well acted and it grabs and holds the audience for just shy of two hours. There is an abundance of violence making this a film you do not want to take young children to watch, “Deliver Us From Evil” has been nominated for the 2014 Golden Trailer Ward and I am confident that this film will receive other well deserved awards and accolades. It is a near perfect summer movie and one that I am sure will thoroughly entertain all who watch it.

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