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"Delirious" Soundtrack Review Music By Cliff Eidelman

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"Delirious" Soundtrack Review Music By Cliff Eidelman



Soundtrack Review

Music By Cliff Eidelman

Quartet Records

25 Tracks/Disc Time: 39:10

Grade: B+

In the early 90's comedian and funnyman, the late John Candy was a major star after two back to back hits with Writer/Director John Hughes classic comedies in both "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and "Uncle Buck", in which the latter solidified him as a major presence and a leading man to which all of his fellow acting colleagues still moan of his untimely passing years later. The comedy "Delirious" was one of two comedies that was released in the Summer of 1991 with the other being the overbearing "Only The Lonely" which was rescued by Candy and Ally Sheedy's performances. The film stars the rather cheerful Candy as Jack Gable is the head writer and creator of a successful soap opera and he's really smitten by the show's star, lovely Rachel Hedison (Emma Samms, ("General Hospital"). It's easy for everyone but Jack to see that she's playing him for a sap. After an accident and a major hit to the head brings Jack some new insights and with that, new powers and soon finds himself in Ashford Falls site of his own fictional soap opera. While there, Jack learns that everything he writes comes true no matter how ludicrous it is and Jack sees that it's a fantastic opportunity to get Rachel, as Laura Claybourne, to fall in love with him. While he enjoys his wooing of Rachael, Jack soon finds an even more serious set of complications as the show starts to stray from him.The film directed by Tom Mankiewicz ("Dragnet") who was the visual consultant on the much beloved "Superman The Movie" and was apart of the 70's transition of James Bond ("Diamonds Are Forever", "Live And Let Die", and "The Man With The Golden Gun") from Sean Connery to Roger Moore.

While the film boasted many television stars that included the late Raymond Burr ("Perry Mason"), Emma Samms, Mariel Hemingway, David Rasche ("Sledge Hammer"), Dylan Baker ("Law & Order") and Charles Rocket ("Saturday Night Live", "Law & Order: Criminal Intent") that played an important part in the film in providing the great acting backdrop to Candy's character. Another import and very polished benefit of the great work of composer Cliff Eidelman, who was working on a rather ecclectic group of pictures starting with his first ones in the serious dramas in "Magdelene" and "Triumph Of The Spirit" before breaking out with a marvelous and wonderful score to the Dudley Moore comedy, "Crazy People" and would later get the plum send off assignment of "Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country" soon after this film. "Delirious" is easily one of my favorite Eidelman scores and not to mention a great companion piece to "Crazy People" and for the simple reason: it's that damn good. Comedy films are very tricky to score because a composer has to balance both the dramatic elements as well as the comedic ones and no one was better than that than the late Elmer Bernstein. Eidelman really holds his own here and was an inspired choice by Director Tom Mankiewicz for him to write the music for this film.

Eidelman's score is based on two simple scenarios: the real world in which Jack overseas his grand creation and the other, the fictious world that he's now inhibiting as a character in his own storyline. Starting with the rousing adventure of "To Save The Day" that features Eidelman writing a grand heroic piece of music that would later be showcased in "Christopher Columbus The Discovery" that is part of the Soap Opera world that largely dominate the score as Eidelman goes through the motions with fun and orchestrial gusto with mock sinister readings of both "Rachel And The Hedison's Plot", and "Ty Schemes", to the country opening that leads to some very sultry material in "Len's Garage" and "Laura", to the tender romance of "Falling In Love" (one of Eidelman's most tender love themes he's written and gets two wonderful renditions in "Jack Falls In Love Part 1 And Part 2"), and the suspense shenanigans of "The Formula", "Gates Is Shot" and "Mysterious Stranger". "The Rescue" features some excellent work that would be showcased in "The Meteor Man" as Eidelman unleashes his suspense and mock dramatic material that brings the entire soap opera phase of Candy's characters to a grand finale that segues beautifully into "Searching For Her" where Eidelman shows off his wonderful love theme one more time but not before some of the rousing material from "To Save The Day" reemerges one last time to put this energetic and charming score to bed.

Quartet Records premiere release of this classy and fun score has been a long time in coming and one that Eidelman's fans have really wanted to see released over 20 years. Eidelman's music has been receiving a bit of a renaissance of sorts with "Crazy People", "The Meteor Man" and a complete "Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country" being released over the last year and a half so far with a few scores such as "Leap Of Faith" and "My Girl 2" just waiting to be rediscovered on their own. Eidelman's music is a elegant and classy as it was recorded over 20 years ago and "Delirious" is a terrific effort that is as special as the work of John Candy. Enthusiastic Thumbs up!