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Delilah's Revenge rocks your Irish

Delilah's Revenge


When I talk to young people about Irish music, they always bring up groups such as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. There's an energy to that kind of music that reaches out to them. Well, I know a few local bands that have that kind of energy, and Delilah's Revenge is one of them. Karen Lauffer's screaming fiddle might be powerful enough to send the Devil out of Georgia, and in combination with Dwight Muhlbradt's deep, thumping drums will set your heart a-pounding. Then you come to one of their songs where Justin Lancaster amazes with his guitar work, and you listen to the marvelous vocals of Tim Jones and you think you've reached the peak. But you haven't, because Rebecca Jones does things with a cello (a cello!) that will amaze you. There's even some nice mandolin picking on "1000 Miles from Home."

Some excellent music on "Delilah's Revenge"
Some excellent music on "Delilah's Revenge"Delilah's Revenge

Delilah's Revenge do marvelous work on the ballads and songs of Ireland, but they definitely have the chops to rock the instrumentals as well. This is amply demonstrated on their self-titled CD "Delilah's Revenge," which I've been enjoying. This group manages to take even the most traditional tune or song and give it a punk edge without losing the character behind the music. The ballad called "The Battle of Bloody Lane" really capture the essence of the Civil War, and their renditions of "The Road to Lisdoonvarna" and "Tamlin" would do any traditional band proud, yet they stay true to their rock style.

The 2013 CD is well worth obtaining, and you should get out and attend one of their upcoming shows as well. (See the suggested links elsewhere on this page.) Get more information on their web site, and sample a few of their tracks. You'll be hooked.

Delilah's Revenge, founded by Justin and Karen, started as a casual back-porch acoustic band in 2010. Roughly a year after the band's initial formation they changed directions, gradually evolving into the acoustic folk-rock quintet that they are today. The band's unique sound is owed its members' diverse musical backgrounds. Delilah's Revenge's folk element is comprised of Justin's self-taught Irish guitar style and Karen's Celtic training. Dwight brings in heavy hitting percussion with his metal background. The combination is polished off by Tim, Rebecca, and Karen's classical instruction. The unexpected fusion of the three styles yields a sound that bridges both style and generation. Delilah's Revenge brings out the Irish in everyone.