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Delilah Meets Granny reverberates with audiences

Delilah Meets Granny


Yes, audiences are still reeling over the bold and refreshing family blockbuster ‘Delilah Meets Granny” a comedy drama presented by Theatre World, Inc. which opened at the Julius Littman Performing Arts Theater in North Miami Beach. Jamaican born actress Maxine Osbourne portrayed the biblical based character, Delilah aka Sophia, so well, audiences were sure they hated her long after the performance was over. In theater speak this translates to ‘they loved her performance.’

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Director, Dayne McDonald (Pastor Brown) and Co-Writer and Producer, Ken Anderson bring to American theater “Delilah Meets Granny” a performance aggrandized with song, in a narrative which resonates with Jamaican cultural family values. Confounding and smooth with her lies and deceit, the crafty Delilah threatens the very fabric of the lives of teenagers Clive played by Christopher Gilchrist and sister Stacey performed by Christine Jobson, in their most tender years, in order to maintain the blind trust of single Dad (Elvis Morris), who is enraptured with Delilah.

The brazen Delilah has a plan which she puts into action with skillful articulation and demure seduction. Again and again, Delilah assumes control of the home with ease, that is, until she learns that Granny, powerfully and skillfully portrayed by c-writer Joy Grandison, is coming from Jamaica to visit. This will be “the big showdown” the classic battle of good and evil, in the biblical sense. Who will prevail, Delilah or Granny? Just what is Delilah’s plan and just how far will she go to pull it off? This intricate plot thickens and you will have to be there to see how it unfolds.

Audiences were delighted with the opening by the captivating and soulful, young, very talented singer and pianist, Little AJ, just a YouTube performance away from stardom. Following his performance was legendary renowned Jamaican reggae singer Dobby Dobson, known to audiences as “The Loving Pauper.” While the audience danced in their seats, sang along and swayed to the music of Dobby Dobson, the theater swelled with that mellow reggae sound.

When the performance, at last, commenced the theater teemed with incessant laughter from the rapt audience. Throughout the evening there were cheers for heroes and heroines, with disappointments, tears, more laughter and rousing applause at the finale. “Delilah Meets Granny” an unforgettable performance which will be coming soon to your city. When it arrives it is a ‘must see.’

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