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Delicate Ship at the Playhouse is Intense!

Delicate Ship
Delicate Ship
Cincinnati Playhouse

World Premiere of Delicate Ship at the Cincinnati Playhouse


The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park once again has taken us to a special place that both touches one’s heart, emotions, and feelings with the world premiere of Delicate Ship by playwright Anna Ziegler, under the direction of Michael Evan Haney. This production is currently running in the intimate environment of the Thompson Shelterhouse Theatre until April 20, 2014.

Delicate Ship reminds us that both relationships and people’s lives are very fragile. Sometimes, the memories of the past are so captivating, passionate, and intense that they can significantly effect the choices that people take, and sometime collide with the present and future.

The story is about a love triangle of sorts between Sarah, Nate and Sam. Sarah is a social worker who cares about the love of her life Sam. Sam is a up-and-coming song writer who cares deeply about Sarah. Sarah has a close friend Nate, who comes to visit the couple on Christmas Eve. Sarah and Nate have shared many memories, feelings, and experiences and know each other better than anyone. The lives of these 3 are about to become blurred, and confused and may never be the same again. This is a thought-provoking drama that is humorous at times, sad, and driven to edge and back with pure emotion.

Janie Brookshire as Sarah, is amazing and truly brilliant in expressing the confusion, fear, anxiety as she had choices to make that could cost her everything. Janie has an incredible list of credits ranging from Broadway in production of the Philanthropist, regional productions, as well as television appearances on Dawson Creek, Law and Order, and the Good Wife.

Karl Miller as Nate was compelling, free spirited, and believable. A man who is holding onto his glory days, and terrified that life may never be as good again. He grasps for hope with everything for one last attempt. Karl's performance was remarkable to say the least. Karl has had credits in regional theatre was well as on television roles in Elementary, and 666 Park Avenue.

Ben Diskant as Sam was Man of honor, driven, and would not be ignored or taken for granted. He was super in this role. Some of the theatrical credits in roles “Merrily We Roll Along," and “Hit the Wall” Also television roles in Guiding Light and One Life to Live.

This is a very good performance at the Cincinnati Playhouse and one worth seeing. The ticket prices range $30 to $80 depending on date and seating location. Additional information on Delicate Ship can be obtained at: or by calling the box office at #5130-421-3888.