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Definitely take a drive to '22 Jump Street'

22 Jump Street (film)


Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are the perfect duo; heading off to fight crime without leaving each other’s sides, constant support and will forever be appreciative to have the other in his life.

Jenko (Tatum) and Schmidt (Hill) are partners for crying out loud. But not partners as in boyfriends, partners as in best friends and work buds. You’ll understand the clarification after seeing it.

Anyways, the dynamic pair is back at it again with another so smoothly handled investigation, but this time on a college campus. Another drug is being distributed to students. One student’s taking of the drug became fatal.

The guys’ boss, Captain Dickson (Ice Cube), calls on them again to go find and arrest the dealer.

If you haven’t seen ’21 Jump Street,” you should know that even in this film you don’t have to know anything about the first. There are a few characters from it who play small roles in this new adventure, but it’s a whole new endeavor Jenko and Schmidt are taking on.

Tatum and Hill seem like they’ve known each other for years with the chemistry they have on screen. They play brothers and it comes across as if they are in real life. There isn’t enough praise for how well they seem to work together and how much they will make you laugh.

But let’s not forget Ice Cube. The interaction between the three of them is highly amusing. Never has a boss been so intimidating that it was comical.

Getting back to the story, Jenko and Schmidt arrive at MC State and move into their dorm room. They schmooze a bit with their neighbors and start their classes like any other average student.

They create some relationships along the way and get distracted at some points because of the social scene. This also stirs some tension between the guys as one feels a bit different than the other about the way they’re working together. But that doesn’t stop them from getting the job done.

During the infiltration you’ll be laughing at the easygoing and silly humor. Jenko doesn’t come off as the brightest but it’s his loving qualities which make him the best partner for Schmidt. Schmidt, the insecure of the two, shines through this journey growing as a cop and a friend. Both of them are endearing and good models for friendship and teamwork, even if it goes array sometimes.

Again, don’t worry about not seeing the first film; both Tatum and Hill will entertain you.

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