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'Defiance' 2x09 'Painted from Memory': The creepy truth

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Defiance Season Two Episode Nine: Painted from Memory


Stahma: “How long can a human being survive underground without air?”

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Datak: “Do I look like a biologist?”

“Painted from Memory” is the August 14 episode of “Defiance.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. Next Thursday “Defiance” airs back to back starting at 7 p.m. CT on Syfy.

There are so many answers given in this episode. It’s amazing, but it is a little hard to follow some things for a bit. Trying to make sense of Kenya’s memories is a little difficult, but thankfully, the writers clarify things pretty quickly afterwards. There are still a couple questions, but mainly, this episode does a great job with the mystery of Kenya. Also, it is fantastic that Nolan figures it out. He isn't an idiot, and this episode showcases that. He is familiar with what happened during the Pale Wars, so it makes sense that he would put together the Indogene connection. What did you think of the Kenya mystery overall?

First up, Kenya is in fact dead. Let’s face it, there’s no way Stahma could have messed up killing Kenya. Stahma is too professional for that to happen. Throughout this episode, Stahma is unraveling. It’s a little weird to see because she is always in control. Amanda, on the other hand, is in denial. She never really loses control, but it is fascinating to see how protective she is of this Kenya, even though it’s not truly her sister. It’s a different kind of heartbreaking. What did you think of Amanda’s reaction to Kenya being, well, not Kenya?

Basically, all of this comes down to Niles being the ultimate creepy person. His creepiness hasn't been the focus in a while, but this episode brings it back. He created Kenya in order to make himself look like a hero to Amanda, and then when Kenya died, Niles would be there to help Amanda through her grieving process. This is why he took Amanda’s memories. It’s a sick and ridiculously complicated plan. Personally, the only question is when did Niles concoct all of this? Any notion of Niles being a good guy is completely gone now, and the writers have created this twisted villain, and it’s all brilliant.

Alright, Quentin, Rafe's son, sure you are a little familiar. The writers do provide a nice recap of the McCawley family troubles. Rafe's wife tried to kill herself and all of her children. The connection to the Votanis collective is still a little confusing. Somehow they have Rafe’s wife Pilar? Anyways, Quentin is now apparently a member of the Votanis collective because he is the guy with the goggles who kidnapped Kenya. Right now, this is all just confusing. There is the potential for it to be a great twist. What are your theories on this?

What did you think of the episode? Is anyone else loving the Doc Yewll and Datak friendship? They are such an interesting pair. Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.