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'Defiance' 2x08 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem': Saving Kenya

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Defiance Season Two Episode Eight: Slouching Towards Bethlehem


Tommy: “Nolan? Are you two dating?”

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Berlin: “God no. We’re just having lots of sex.”

“Slouching Towards Bethlehem” is the August 7 episode of “Defiance.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. Be sure to check out the slideshow for more quotes from the episode. “Defiance” airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CT on Syfy.

Kenya lives! There is a lot of confusion about this. Last time she was seen, she was poisoned by Stahma, and it’s not like Stahma to mess up. If Stahma wants someone dead, they are going to die. There aren't any answers given to how Kenya ended up surviving the poison or how she found herself kidnapped. Thankfully, the promo shows that this will be a focus of next week’s episode. Still, it would have been nice to have at least a hint. Kenya could have muttered something to herself about how she didn't survive being poisoned to end up a prisoner or something.

Irisa is still being her confusing little self. Nolan has been briefed, which actually doesn't change anything because it's not something he can fix. Still, it is nice to no longer watch Irisa lie to him. The mystery has been gone from this thing for a while. It is only confusing, and there’s wonder of when or if it will all make sense. On a positive note, it looks like Irzu’s plan is about to happen, so maybe then the writers will give some answers. It’s pretty impossible to redeem this storyline though. Are you intrigued at all by all of this or no?

Here is another piece in the Irzu mystery puzzle. What she says is about to happen is called Arkrise. This is the same thing that Mahsuvus (the Irath being tortured about the bomb’s location) says. It seems like this links Irzu to the Votan’s collective somehow, or at least to the attempt to bomb New York City. Mahsuvus could be one of Irzu’s people, or maybe the people who have Kenya are Irzu’s people. It’s unclear, but at least there is some intrigue here. What’s your theory?

Tommy finally has his Earth Republic (ERep) gear on. This is a great opportunity to maybe dig into the morality of the ERep and to explore Tommy as a character. He is just always there, and he usually is not all that interesting. The ERep has been painted as the big bad ever since they strolled into town, but it hasn't really been showcased all that much. This is the writer’s chance to introduce the ERep to the viewers by following around Tommy. Maybe he starts to question how they do things, or maybe the writers show that the ERep aren't all that bad.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Kenya is back? Leave me some thoughts in a comment below.