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'Defiance' 2x05 'Put the Damage On': Haunted by ghosts

Nolan: "The sex is better when you don’t complicate it."
Nolan: "The sex is better when you don’t complicate it."
Photo Courtesy Of Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy

Defiance Season Two Episode Five: Put the Damage On


Rafe: “Hey can you direct me to the showers? You know the, shower? Water from up above? Rub a dub dub?”

“Put the Damage On” is the July 17 episode of “Defiance.” Warning: this article does contain spoilers. “Defiance” airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. CT on Syfy.

There is something in the air in Defiance, and it is making people go a little insane. Not going to lie, at times this episode is a little hard to follow. The writers give us glimpses of the pasts of characters, and so there’s a bit of catch up that has to be done. Still, it is fantastic to learn more about Doc Yewll, Niles Pottinger, and Amanda. The defective implants allow for a trip into the dark memories and/or haunting thoughts that these characters have. Did you enjoy all the ghost visits or were you confused for most of it?

Alright, let’s try to dissect Niles’ visit from Connor. It sounds like Niles was obsessed with Connor to the point of stalking, and there might have been some affection. This explains why Niles is watching Amanda on video. It is great to finally have some sort of development on why Amanda was being watched. Side note: how did Nolan not find the camera if he did a thorough search of Amanda’s place? The lesson from Connor’s visit is that Niles goes the extreme creepy route when trying to show affection. What did you think of Niles and Connor’s little chat?

Is there anything better than Rafe staying with the Tarrs? It’s just ridiculously awkward, especially the bath scene. Christie starts to become a more interesting member of the Tarr family in this episode. There hasn't been much time spent on her. She is always just sort of there, so it is nice to finally see how she is doing. Watching her try to become accepted could be entertaining. The first season is all about the differences between all the races, and that hasn't really been a huge factor of this season. Do you think Christie can become less of an outsider in the Tarr family?

Okay, so the end of the episode reveals that Doc Yewll and Niles have been extracting memories from Amanda. It’s definitely a cool twist that makes both Doc Yewll and Niles look shady as all get out. Either Niles just really wants to know everything about Amanda, or he needs her memories for something. Please tell me he doesn't want to build Amanda 2.0 or something. It’s nice that we are finally getting to see why Niles busted Doc Yewll out of Camp Reverie. Because she did make a deal with him, but up until now, there hasn't been any progress on that front. Does anyone have a theory as to what they are up to?

What did you think of the episode? Leave me your thoughts and theories in a comment below.