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Deep Space Tragedy: A hipster Robot Rock Opera

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Deep Space Tragedy (comic Book)


Deep Space Tragedy (DST) is an Indy comic produced by Cosmic Times that tells the story of the greatest robot-rock band this side of Cybertron which is coming to the planet Cog; however there is apparently more going on here there than simply another “heavy metal,” robotic concert. As the comic opens the members of DST are talking among themselves about how they’ve come to rock and that’s just what they plan on doing. Meanwhile a very mysterious package has been delivered to another robot who is a fan and potential concert-goer. Now the (female?) robot wants to go and contacts her friend, a ‘bot who is a tad more wary about the mystery package, who sent it and why. Still he (?) agrees to accompany his friend to the show and they do go. Once there they are treated to a mega-coolmas show and upon exiting the venue get caught up in the start of what appears will be an amazing adventure.

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Deep Space Tragedy is a first-time collaboration between Cosmic Times and comic book rock n’ roller Mike Wagganer (who is also the writer/artist on the series). The comic is a delightfully-told tale that mixes sci-fi, indie music and, well, robots who are rocking the indie music scene. The dialogue on the strip reflects Wagganer’s very cool indie creds as well as his ability to craft and incorporate a pseudo-tech, hipster rock ‘n’ roll speech pattern that totally makes the book wickedly-cool, smoothly readable, and can’t-hardly-wait-for-the-next-issue feel that you need in an indie comic, plus it absolutely introduces the characters, establishing their personalities allowing the readers to grasp the concept and who is populating this uniquely tech world.

As stated, Cosmic Times is an indie publisher that is located in Lake Worth Florida with half-a-dozen titles in the works and already published, and from what we can see they are crafting a very well-built line of engaging titles that cross a number of genres and are well-written and illustrated. The company is building a respectable buzz as it travels across the convention circuit and continues to issue very readable comics, producing the kinds of comics that those of us who enjoy Indie-fare actively seek out, and wish that more publishers would produce.


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